The Many Faces of Gemini by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 6/2/2013
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Which Gemini are you?!

Geminis. You know who they are; those funny, charming, popular people. However, they have a nervous, fragile, almost restless energy as if they’re afraid of missing out on something special. My goodness, they practically invented the word curious. Speaking of words, Geminis are the storytellers/writers of the world. Have you ever noticed they have a certain ageless quality, often looking and acting years younger? Air is their element (which rules mental activity) and Mercury is their planet (the winged messenger). This encompasses all communication from learning and reporting to teaching and gossip. Geminis are quick yet unpredictable, scattered yet broadminded. Boring is not a word they know.

Let’s take a look at a few of the faces of Gemini:

1.The Peter Pan

To start, Peter Pan rules Gemini, the charming child of the zodiac. They love to flirt, play and engage others. They can fall in love with two people at once (oh dear!) and have no clue how it happened. They specialize in letting out their inner child—it helps to keep them young, creative and full of ideas. But acting as children, they may fib to cover things up, or overbook/commit to plans. Remember, they are children in adult clothing. When they mess up, it’s without malice, but not without frustration.

2.The Brilliant Scholar
The first day of school was pure magic for most Geminis. By the time Mom leaned in to hug her Gemini goodbye, her child was quickly running, enchanted by the classroom and the other kids. Education is The Emerald City for Geminis, who are eternal students. But they worry one life isn’t enough to learn/see everything so they hum that tune, “I am late! I am late for a very important date!” from Alice in Wonderland. The issue here is that Geminis may be too scatter-brained and tend to need things repeated. But they rise to the top of the class like bubbles in champagne.

3.The Split Personality
This element comes into play when you have numerous planets in Gemini in your birth chart. If there are more than 2-3 planets in Gemini, you have a small group of people in your head at any given time all talking at once. You can change direction in a blink—happy or sad, calm or manic—depending on how the wind is blowing at that moment. Organized? Well, let’s just say they have their own system of “piles” (a true Virgo would pass out from the confusion!). But the Gemini smiles as they know what is in every pile. They have a way of pulling things together at the last minute. On the downside, you may need more than a GPS system to follow or understand the many faces of Gemini!
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