The Luck of the Irish?

Date 12/18/2020
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You can get lucky with or without a handful of clovers when you know how.

You can get lucky with or without a handful of clovers when you know how.

The luck of the Irish is a common myth, but is there really any basis for this idea? You're sure to see plenty of rainbows, four-leaf clovers, and gold coins as playful decorations around St. Patrick's Day. However, these emblems aren't necessarily connected to any true Irish luck. In fact, your "luck" is often just what you make it.

The Origins of the "Luck of the Irish"

The term "luck of the Irish" actually originated in America and was not coined by the Irish at all. In the 1800s, a number of Irish immigrants came to the country, fleeing the famine in their home country. American settlers were far from welcoming to these new immigrants, but many got lucky anyway, as their arrival coincided with the gold rush. Many Irish-American miners were successful in their mining, giving rise to the term "luck of the Irish."

What the "Luck" Really Means

The "luck of the Irish" was actually intended as a derogatory phrase. It implied that these miners couldn't have won their fortunes through intelligence or hard work. They must have simply stumbled upon it out of pure luck. This interpretation of the phrase has long since melted away, as the Irish are no longer discriminated against as they were.

The True Luck of Ireland

Examining Irish history, it's clear that the Irish weren't really lucky at all. They suffered severe famines and English oppression. The famed St. Patrick was captured and enslaved by pirates as a teenager which doesn't seem a particularly lucky lot early in life. Perseverance, hard work, charisma, and charm are more likely at the root of the Irish's purported luck.

Making Luck Yourself

Are you interested in experiencing the luck of the Irish? The good news is that you don't need any Irish blood to channel some of this good fortune yourself. Try these tips.

  • Practice manifesting your desires. Visualize what you want to happen in detail. Maintain your focus on a singular goal and draw it into being.
  • Try new things. Branch out and make new connections so luck has as many avenues as possible to reach you. Try speaking with an online psychic for guidance on where to start.
  • Share the wealth. Spread your good fortune around. Give to others when you have extra, invite your friends and family along to experience your prosperity. This generates positive karma that will bring more luck your way.
  • Work hard. Just as the Irish miners did, you can increase your chances of getting lucky simply by putting your back into it and working as hard as you can. 
  • Time your efforts well. Consider the timeliness of your projects to give them the best chance at a lucky break. Speaking with an astrologer may help you find the most fortuitous seasons for various activities.

Practice gratitude for the good things that you already have in your life to make sure you're recognizing your own innate luck as it pops up, from the Irish or otherwise.


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