The Importance of Voting

Published Date 11/6/2012
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Our votes do matter

This election is crucial for all of us, especially for the younger generation.
I just had a dream this week about this election period. Within the dream I had about five other friends and myself living in a dark apartment. Candles were lit all around. There was no television, only an old computer and one cell phone. We were all struggling to survive. We had rations of bread and water with two of us working, and everyone else out of the job. I could hear the conversations of trying to find work anywhere and everywhere with no hope. I could feel the depression in each and every one of us until I woke up.

Again, I can’t reiterate it enough, this election is crucial!!! Voting has been a controversial subject for years as to whether our votes matter or they don’t. With the dream and insight I just received, I’m here to tell you VOTING MATTERS! We all need to come together as a nation and cast our votes. We need to take time to listen to each side and make a rational decision. There is NO “in between” in this election.
I’m here to urge everyone to pay attention and feel it out. Who makes you feel the most American Pride? Who do you feel represents you best? Who do you feel can bring up our economy? Who has a goal to save our precious Earth in which we have to have for survival? Who brings positivity to the table? Ask yourself these questions and any other questions you may have.

Most of all, take the time to GO VOTE! Take your friends and family too (you can carpool to save money)!  Our votes do matter!! We ultimately do get to choose, and one vote can make all the difference of a positive economy or a negative one! I know we are all connected, and this election strikes fear in all of us, and if you feel that fear (as I do) then it’s time to do something about it! Make it positive! Go out and VOTE!

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