The Future: Predict it, Create it, Flow with it

Published Date 7/24/2012
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One of the most common reasons that people call a psychic is to ask, "What is going to happen in my future?" This is very understandable, because we all desire security.

One of the most common reasons that people call a psychic is to ask, "What is going to happen in my future?"  This is very understandable, because we all desire security.  We feel that if we have the knowledge of what is going to happen, then we will know what to do and be able to take everything in stride.  We want to avoid being thrown off course by unexpected events.  But, maybe we are asking the wrong question.  This question assumes that the future is something that just "happens to me" as if I am a victim of forces beyond my control.  In fact, what will happen in the future depends to a large extent on what I do now, today.  On the other hand, there are some things that are beyond our control - but, will knowing about them in advance really bring us peace?  Or will we just worry more, anticipating negative events?!

There are a couple of different approaches we can take with regard to the future.  The most popular approach these days is called "manifesting," in which we put a tremendous amount of concentration, energy and effort into creating the reality that we want and controlling the outcome of events, while having perfect confidence in our success, like it is already a "done deal."  This approach has some drawbacks.  For one thing, it doesn't always work, either because our concentration, effort and/or confidence was inadequate, or perhaps it eventually works but takes much longer than we had hoped.  For another thing, even if we can control every aspect of our own life, we cannot control the behavior of other people.  Therefore, the input of others as agents of free will adds a great deal of unpredictability and variables into the equation.  Moreover, "manifesting" requires a huge amount of energy.

There is another approach which in yoga we refer to as "ishvarapranidhana" or "surrender to God."  This does not mean being passive or failing to take action.  Rather, it means taking the appropriate actions towards achieving our goals in life, while being non-attached to the outcome! It means living with integrity and doing the right thing to the best of our ability, while putting all our desires, hopes and fears in God's hands.  By aligning our personal will with the Divine will we become a channel of grace in the world. The practice of yoga - both the meditative discipline - as well as living with integrity and offering up the fruits of our labors, allows us to achieve a state of inner peace.  This peace is possible because our happiness no longer depends on external events.  Rather, we remain centered in the Love and Bliss in our heart, trusting that as we do our best, everything will unfold as it is supposed to.  Unlike "manifesting," this approach is virtually effortless, freeing up our energies and allowing us to flow with whatever happens.

I will read the future if you ask me to, but keep in mind that there are many variables and the future is not set in stone.  But even if it were possible to predict the future with 100% accuracy, I would still prefer that you get beyond the place of needing to know the future or to control the outcome of events.  I would rather help you find that place of inner peace where you can flow with the currents of life and enjoy riding the waves!

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