The Color Guide to Change

Published Date 8/6/2012
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Color impacts us in major ways, even when we are unaware.


Colors play an important role in your life.  They affect how you feel, just as different crystals or stones absorb and expel energy so does color.  When reading people, I often look at colors they are wearing and drawn to help assess circumstances in their life. 


Color therapy can be used to help heal and improve quality of life.  Just like anything else there is power in color and that can work in a positive or negative way in your life. 


The color black is a powerful color, but when a person wears a lot of black and may be going through a down time, the black can draw more negative energy; it is powerful and magnifies the energy it attracts. 


The color yellow is bright and healing and attracts healing, psychic energy.


Blue, especially turquoise brings happy vibrations.  The list goes on. 


Color impacts us in major ways, even when we are unaware.  So, when you are looking for ways to improve your life, your circumstances, reconsider the colors you wear.  Look at you current environment:  is it dark, does it need to be revitalized?  A new splash of color can work wonders in improving your situation.   Think about what you are trying to achieve and then consider what colors will help you accomplish you goal.


One more thing, often when going through cycles in your life you may be drawn to certain colors (subconscious or psychic) that will help you through that cycle in your life.  Pay close attention to messages your psyche sends you.


Just as crystals work to help heal, so can color. So, next time you need a boost or makeover consider colors carefully in  your wardrobe, makeup, jewelry and living conditions and experience how a different splash of color can alter any or all areas of your life.

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