The Circus Elephant - A Fable by Psychic Gwendolyn

Date 10/20/2020
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What might you have in common with a circus elephant?

What might you have in common with a circus elephant?

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Popcorn! Peanuts! Clowns impossibly all crammed into a tiny car. Scantily clad girls dripping in sequins with feather headdresses that dance with each step their “animal” takes…

Yes, it’s the Circus. Fun for kids of all ages, right?  Not exactly. 

Within the frenetic fun is a sadness I cannot bear and a lesson to be learned… 

The Elephant and the Invisible Chain
To “train” an elephant, you must get them very young. They are just babies. They are a species very rooted in a family dynamic and they are craving any attention they receive. Once acquired, they chain these young elephants to a pole. The “child” elephants balk and rail at this indignity, wanting to be free… But they can’t break the chain. They are living each day looking at the pole which holds them captive. They become accustomed to this restriction and as they get older, until the pole is held by a “Ringleader.” 

The ringleader leads them around by a pole that has NO chain, but which the elephant feels they cannot leave… for every time they tried before, it had never worked. 

So, they follow. They no longer seek freedom, they blindly FOLLOW this person wielding an invisible chain. The chain that only exists in their mind. They know nothing else.  BUT… 

If these mammoth beasts ever looked around, SAW their strength, KNEW their POWER, they would run. They would fight. They would FLEE.

Are You the “Elephant?”
Is there something you believe which holds you back from being your best, strongest self?  

Is it not time to address this and FLEE? Bravely, and into the sunset…?

What ties you to the toxic situations you are in today? Is it abuse? Verbal, mental or physical? Do you LIVE somewhere inside, tied to this “pole?” 

Let the Tarot Free Your Chains
A tarot reading is a way to see these chains, shake them off and restore your own personal freedom and self-worth. If you feel restricted by things no one else sees, let the Tarot give you some insight and help pave the way to your own self-discovery and to your own internal POWER. It is there, just waiting for you to see that there is no “chain.” The "chain" has been created in lies and fallacy. In words others say about you that are not YOUR TRUTH.

It is time to see the pole for what it is… A lie. YOU, my friend, are an amazing, powerful being capable of so many incredible things…

Embrace and believe that.

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