The Advisors of Psychic Source Give Thanks - Part 2

Published Date 11/20/2015
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection... and food!

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and Psychic Source is taking time to stop and reflect on everything our advisors are Thankful for this season.

Let us continue with the 2nd installment of our 3 part series as the advisors of Psychic Source give thanks.  


Paige x7868 - This year, I am thankful for wonderful clients, wonderful work, health, family and friends!

Rhiannon x7661 - I am grateful for the spiritual gifts that I am able to share with others and in doing so, I am given the opportunity to touch lives in a meaningful way. Be thankful for who you are. Honor your own wisdom and experience. The most important thing that you can do is to Love Yourself without judgement. This love for self will change the world. It is all powerful. Believe in yourself.  I am grateful for the right people and circumstances that show up in my life at the right time. I am grateful for each new day, a new opportunity to make a positive difference.

Kay x7102 - My life and good health. My most supportive friends and family including all those in the Etheric realms (crossed over, my wonderful Archangels, my Guardians, and everyone else who have helped me) and the amazing, supportive people both working at Psychic Source and the phenomenal clients who have enhanced my life, given me the opportunity to help them, and have allowed me to touch their lives in such a personal, intimate way when we ordinarily would never have had the chance to even meet. Thank you all!

Asher x9271 - My very faithful little cat, Egypt. He was a rescue baby I never planned to have and has proven to be my best buddy and most faithful partner in crime.

Rheda x8860 - God’s faithfulness! The unfailing love of family and friends. This year every moment has seemed like the greatest moment of my life. I am also thankful for my dog Pepper.

Erin x9152 - I'm grateful for my mistakes. These were chances to learn and grow and mature. I am so very grateful for my daughters. They are my rocks, my inspiration, and my reason for being all that I can be. I am grateful that I still have both of my parents in good health, who lead active, full and fun lives. They were 50 years married this year! 

Trecinda x7031 - I am so thankful for my growing ability to understand what is and is not important, due mainly to my recent activity with volunteering in multiple places. Material possessions and physical attributes are so temporary and meaningless, providing limited blessings and satisfaction. Instead, let us focus on nurturing loving connections with people of all walks of life, and watch your own gratitude and spiritual blessings grow!

Bonnie x7982 -  This year I am thankful for the technology that allows us to stay connected to loved ones who live far away and that gives us access to information and helpful services that wouldn't otherwise be available. I am also grateful for the love that flows through our connections to one another, both near and far.

Levana x9252 - The opportunity to find myself and joy through experiences both big and small. To feel the universal connect even with people i seemingly have little in common with has helped me embrace the unity of our hearts just a little bit more. Thank you life! Thank you Universe!

Allegra x8065 - The wonderful and amazing experience of speaking with people from all over the world in this special profession that allows access to so many with such diverse life experiences. It is an honor and a pleasure. May we all be blessed with abundance of love, happiness, health and financial security, always.

Seraphina x9023 - This year I am thankful for my family and all the wonderful people I connected with every day. I am also thankful for hot chocolate and warm apple pie. Yummy! 

Please share a comment below with anything or anyone you are Thankful for this holiday season.  

If you missed the first part, click here for even more Thanksgiving reflections.  And please return tomorrow for our 3rd and final installment. 

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