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Tapping Into Your Spirit Support Team Podcast by Psychic Jae

Date 8/15/2023
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In this guided meditation podcast, Psychic Jae will help you connect with your spiritual support team and learn how to work with them for personal growth.

You may have heard them called a spiritual team, a spirit posse, soul family, or mystical crew. Everyone has this group. In this article, we will call them your soul's council.

What is a Soul Council?

Everyone has one. It is a sentient, ethereal group who are fully invested in you and your life and actually all lifetimes. They provide support, guidance, healing, and also offer manifestation support. 

They are ALWAYS readily accessible to you.

How Do You Access Them?

Option 1: Altar

You can connect with your council by erecting an altar.  Altars are sacred spaces that are adorned with objects that honor your council. When you create a space reserved for your council and pray, meditate, and worship near it, you will naturally befriend the energy of their realm and connect more deeply to each member of your council.

Option 2: Meditation

Ten Steps To Connect To Your Soul's Council

  1. Affirm for any energy that is not in alignment with your highest good to vacate your space and life NOW, never to return. 
  2. Invite your soul council to draw their energy closer to yours. Establish a sacred greeting. This is a greeting that only you know.
  3. Ask for them to reveal themselves to you: gender, age, features, hair, eyes, tall, short, skinny, name, clothing, adornments, humanoid, or not.
  4. Ask for a name or symbol that represents each individual. Don't judge anything even if it doesn't make sense. You might see, hear, know, or get the info in a different way. Request for the spoke-spirit or chief of the council to come forward.
  5. Ask for him/her/them to help you access a memory. But not from your mind, from your soul -a memory of the first time your consciousness was aware of them, maybe a dream or a prior life. Notice any details about it.
  6. Shift to present tense. Hug, take hold of a hand, or sit right next to one another. Notice the feeling you get and pick up on their true essence. Are they friendly, stern, familiar, etc.?
  7. Ask to be shown in my mind's eye something that you can relate to in connection to your chief. Who are you? What are you here to help me with? Where are you from? Show me your story. Be aware that your perception of the surroundings, including physical details, might change after asking this.
  8. Request to be taken to your home. You might see a castle or chamber. Ask what you look like to them and about any feelings they have for you. How have you earned your place with their council? What is the quality that you bring to them?
  9. This might have already happened naturally, but if not, at this time ask to be given a symbol, sentence, or phrase that will help you. Search your body and ask for healing in an area that needs it. Ask what gift can they bestow? 
  10. Say farewell. Exchange any heartfelt sentiments/parting words, take whatever gift, statement, and healing with you into your life as you end the meditation.

Option 3: Dreams

Your council is powerful and will work in harmony with you. During the day, think about your council. Right before sleep, step into a state of longing for them to come forward and communicate in the dream. When ready, tell the council telepathically, verbally, or through writing to come through in tonight's dream in such a way that you know it is them. As you lay down to sleep, state that they are open, ready, willing, and able to have a dream visit and will remember it in full detail when they wake. You may also state the following statement before sleeping: "I will remember all of my dreams that are for my highest and best good." Statements like this will help you be able to recall the message. 

Lucid dreams are when you are aware you are dreaming and can interact more consciously in the dream world. In your dream, invite the council to validate who they are and to relay any messages.

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Jae has always had an infinity for the Divine. She started studying to develop as a psychic-medium at the age of 15. Over the last 20 years she has dived heart first into healing herself and passing on what she's learned to others. Her teachers range from master mediums in Lilydale to self-taught lovers of the Tarot and dedicated energy healers with more than 100 years of experience between them. She is constantly learning. Forever a lover of life, Jae only shares wisdom in her articles from first-hand experiences and remains committed to supporting the spiritual community.


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