Tapping Into Your Intuition

Date 9/29/2015

Use your intuition to your advantage

Use your intuition to your advantage

Your intuition holds great power to guide you through the day as well as through life. Here are five ways to tap into your intuition for guidance with making big decisions.

Put Your Mind at Ease

Many people constantly listen to their thoughts, but this isn’t always productive. When your internal conversations focus completely on to-do lists and worries about what’s happening that day or that week, you’re allowing the noise to take over while your true inner thoughts remain untouched. Give yourself the chance to slow down and put your mind at ease. When you turn down your worries and nagging thoughts, you can take the mental space to really listen to what your inner voice has to say.

Learn to Meditate

You may not realize how strong your intuition is or how far it has advanced if you don’t give it the attention it deserves. Meditation can help you focus on the present, where your intuition thrives. Meditation also gives you a chance to slow down your thoughts and quiet your mind, allowing yourself the chance to better develop your intuition. Talk with a clairaudient to learn more about channeling messages and listening to your inner thoughts.

Pay Attention to Your Body

Though it’s important to listen to your mind, sometimes your intuition manifests itself in your gut instead. In fact, your body often reveals your immediate reaction to a situation in a way that’s much easier to translate. If you find that clenched muscles ease up and you naturally relax around a certain person, your body is revealing that you sense she is trustworthy. Alternately, if you find your stomach in knots or you have to fight waves of nausea when you’re around a particular person, he’s not likely to be worthy of your trust or admiration.

Let Your Feelings Guide You

Do you ever sense flashes of insight as you’re going about your day or get distracted by split-second thoughts in mid-conversation? These momentary flashes might not seem important, but they can reveal volumes about a situation or a person. It’s important not to let these feelings go unnoticed, so give them careful attention when they occur. The next time you perceive the root of a problem or a greater meaning, trust your feelings to guide you through the situation.

Keep a Journal

If you’re having trouble listening to yourself, writing your thoughts down is a helpful way to get it all out. When you keep a journal, don’t let yourself filter your thoughts or edit your ideas as you go. Instead, get everything on paper so you can better understand where your mind is leading you. If you need a neutral party to help you make sense of everything, get a psychic reading to work through your thoughts and understand what your inner voice is telling you.

Remember that intuition isn’t the same as wishful thinking. The best way to tell the difference is that intuition doesn’t come with an emotional charge, a feeling of fear, or even a sense of hope. When you tap into your intuition, let yourself be guided by neutrality and a sense of truth.


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