Tapping Into Happiness Through Meditation by Psychic Carmaleena

Published Date 5/4/2014
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Meditating is actually quite simple and can mean the world for your happiness.

Most of you agree that it's much better to be happy than to be sad.  Sometimes life experiences present themselves into our lives and we automatically experience joy.  Experiences such as reaching a goal we’ve been striving to achieve, having family and friends celebrate with us during special occasions, getting married, and having children are just a few.  But how can we achieve peace and happiness on a regular basis so that when life throws us a curve ball we don’t stay in the depths of despair for an extended period of time?

The answer is that we all have an inner spiritual power source that serves as our guide and gives us emotional stability and happiness.  The key is to learn to tap into your inner source so that you can override feelings of despair and float on the uplifting feelings that come from being happy.

A very powerful way to tap into your inner spiritual power is through regular meditation practices.  Meditation automatically puts you into a relaxed state when done properly. If you're new to meditation, it really isn’t as hard as it may appear to be.  It's simply a matter of stopping the mind chatter and allowing yourself to relax. 
A quick and easy way to do this is to focus on your breathing.  Breathe in… breathe out, breathe in, and breathe out.  Doing this “mantra” will allow you to let go of the mind chatter and bring you into the desired relaxed state.

When you're in meditation you may feel as if you're floating.  This is just an example of how your body is releasing the stresses of everyday life and showing you that you're tuning into and are connected with your inner being.

There are many ways to meditate.  You can focus on a candle or;a certain point, focus on your breathing, listen to soothing music (without lyrics), or take a walk in nature. 

Once you experience the positive aspects of meditating you'll find your life becoming more and more peaceful because you'll have automatically learned to turn to your inner power on a regular basis.  Doing so will allow you to become consciously aware of your thoughts and feelings on a continual basis.  Being consciously aware is a vital step towards choosing happiness.

May you find the peace and joy that you're entitled to.
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