Superhero Empowerment - How to Have it for Yourself by Psychic Jamie

Published Date 3/25/2018
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"Your empowerment is possible!"

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My childhood heroes were Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman. As a kid, I had no idea that I was being influenced with such powerful role models. They seemed to have it all. Strength, Intelligence, Respect, and Beauty. They managed to be both soft and strong simultaneously. True feminine empowerment.  I just assumed that I would be able to effortlessly find that balance in my own life.


They never showed us what these women did when they were not crimefighting. We never got to see what happened to Wonder Woman after a bad night’s sleep or the Bionic Woman angry because her partner didn’t do the dishes. I wondered, how did they take care of themselves every single day in order to be continuously empowered?

Putting Yourself First is NOT a Bad Thing
It takes conscious focused attention on yourself. You begin with putting the needs of your Soul, Body, Heart and Mind first. Women give and as a woman you may give to everyone else first. Sometimes, that is ok. But a regular routine of giving out means that you deplete your inner resources and power. 

Breaking Down Empowerment
The prefix “Em” means “within or in” and connected to the word “power” it says that your energy for life first comes from within. You cannot take care of anyone or anything else if you are worn-out. You are the priority because all that you give to the responsibilities of your life, come from your inner power. 
There is the saying, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” This is so true. I know when I skip a meal, I get tired, irritated and then any hope of feeling empowered is gone.

So how do you have authentic empowerment so that you can be your own superhero? Start by creating a daily schedule of the non-negotiable must-have’s that will support your energy.

Each day check in with these four areas:

– You require time to yourself. Even if it is a scheduled 5 minutes, 3 times daily. The short respite you take from the world, will draw your energy back within and reconnect you to being empowered.

- Both of my superhero’s ran a lot. You need energy to run so the first thing on the schedule is eat at regular intervals. Keep some on the go protein so that you can maintain your energy.

– Notice where you have moments in your day for daydreaming, from waiting in line at the supermarket to commuting on the train, folding laundry or even running on the treadmill. Imagining positive experiences can give you energy so connect to what your heart longs for throughout the day.

- Even superheroes have to sleep so decide on your shutoff time and stick to it. Your mind needs time to turn off to the thoughts of the day.

Your empowerment is possible! Maintaining healthy routines will give you all the power you need to be the superhero in your own life.

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thunder: Thank you for the article, it really "struck home" with me..I will refer back to it several times in order to get into a routine

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