Sundays with Sadia: Week 4 - Psychic Sadia's List of Things You Should Know about Happiness

Date 4/24/2016

How much do you know about Happiness?

How much do you know about Happiness?

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It’s the final week of our month long series of articles by customer favorite advisor, Psychic Sadia. Each Sunday in April we’ve offered a fun new list of things you should know as only Sadia could explain. Psychic Source is pleased to present the fourth installment of “Sundays with Sadia…Things You Should Know about Happiness.”

If I asked you to close your eyes for a moment and think about the day you've had so far what would you feel? Happiness? Sadness? Anger? On a scale of 1-10 what would your happiness level be? My guess for most of us below 5 unless you've gone shopping today or had a really good piece of cheesecake, lol. If that’s the case, please save this article for tomorrow. 

Now think about your stress level for the day, is it above 5? Perhaps even closer to 10? Our days are fueled by stress, it’s practically unavoidable.
From traffic, work, bills, family issues, relationship issues, health issues, and more, our minds are filled with worry and negative thoughts about what happened yesterday and what we have to do tomorrow. There is so much going on in there that most times all the negative thoughts overpower the positive. It affects our ability to slow down and stay in the moment and most of all it affects our ability to feel happiness.

We can't always change the circumstances that stress us, but I have found there are small teeny tiny changes we can make that can help us balance the scale. So with that in mind, I present my List of Things You Should Know About Happiness. 

- We all know these - The Big Three. Diet, sleep and exercise. We hear it over and over again because it does help, we just never have enough time in our day for it. Think about your mood when you don't have enough sleep or you’re crashing from too much sugar. Hello Moody Judy!  

- If you can meditate that’s awesome, but I've found the most helpful relaxation technique is to stop what you are doing a few times throughout the day and just breathe. Go ahead, let’s try it now. Take a slow deep breath in, hold it for a few seconds and then let it out as slow as you can. Repeat a few more times. Do you feel your body letting go? If you find yourself drifting into negative thoughts during your day that is the best time to focus on your breathing, it will help keep you in the moment. For instance, if you are in the shower and your mind is visiting an argument you've had with your coworker yesterday that is the perfect time to do it!

- Think about how stressed you are. Does anyone else know what you are going through? Peeps may know you have a problem but do they really know what is going on inside your heart, your head, or your home? Most times they don't and guess what… We have no clue what’s truly going on with them either. So if someone cuts you off in traffic, your boss yells at you or a family member makes you crazy, feel it for a moment, call a friend if you need to talk about it, then let it go. It’s not always about us, so don't hold on to it. Your mood affects everyone around you so don't let a bad day turn into a bad week.

- Did you know smiling is contagious? Try it. Smile and see how many people you infect. I'm not saying walk around with a cheesy grin all day long, but make eye contact with people, smile at them and say “Hi.” It may be the only smile they get that day. They will feel good and you will start to feel amazing! 

– First, practice being kind to yourself. Listen to your verbiage if you use words like “I'm fat,” or “I'm worthless,” etc.  Stop immediately and replace the negatives with positives. Show kindness to others. Not everyone has family close by, if you have an elderly neighbor check in on them. If someone is struggling carrying their groceries, take a moment and help them. Hold a door for the person behind you; buy a cup of coffee for a friend or a stranger who is standing outside in the cold; say thank you when your partner throws out the garbage. Yes, even though they are supposed to do it anyway, lol. I bet if he feels appreciated, that garbage won't pile up anymore. A small act of kindness goes a long way.

– You must try this one for at least a month. At the end of every day, write down three things you are grateful for. It must be three new things each day, try not repeat yourself. You can keep a journal or text it to a friend but stick with it every night. Even if your day is terrible, look for the good. I promise you can find it. The truth is, it’s never all bad and once we start looking for the positive after a few weeks of practicing, we won't focus as much on the negative. You’ll always see the glass as half full; what you decide to fill it with may make you even happier!

Of course the problems are still there, but if you balance your scale with these small changes you will start looking at life differently. We tend to give away our power so easily and leave our happiness in someone else's hands. We tell ourselves when my boyfriend comes back “I'll be happy,” or when my boss gives me a raise “I'll be happy.” Balancing the scale will help you see that these things can make you feel happiER but they cannot make you happy. 

My Final Thought: True Happiness Comes from Within!

Once we find our happiness, it makes it harder for any one person or any one thing to change it or take it away. You will empower yourself to handle all of your yesterdays, todays and tomorrows. Oh and just so you know sharing my weekly Sunday articles with you is first on my Gratitude list for today. What’s on yours? I am here for you if you need me at extension 8659. 

Sadia XOXO

Please leave a comment below and share your ideas for future installments of Sundays with Sadia.

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Shusha: Sadia, his children are coming around -- his child touched me!!! like is it gonna rain chocolate syrup or snow marshmallows this week? am i gonna be fat? lol I'm still not totally believing this...!! My happiness level for these few days has been 9 :o) stress level 3 to 4.6 :o| Though if I had 0 stress, I'd probably not be living. Because he's super kind, and some of his family who were angry at me have changed, started treating me lovingly, I do feel HAPPIER.... but! Your point is that even if all of his family were stubborn (with their views on me as the wicked witch), I shouldn't let that prevent me from living a happy NOW. For example, not all of his kids are happy with me yet at this point, but I shouldn't think that I 'CAN'T be happy UNTIL that last son wants me as part of the family'! Or depend my happiness on any "outside condition" such as a friend admitting that I'm the best partner for him. Or a psychic advisor proclaiming that he never loved his ex as much as he has loved me. He expresses these points to me, and I choose to cherish our love. It's more important that I understand his burden.. and cooperate with him.. By doing so, I could appreciate my life and this world more; as a result, overcome my character flaw of wanting honor and recognition. If my man suffers because of his son, that's also my suffering... I willingly, happily accept his burden. That's what it means to share a life. Not a "romantic runaway"... I think my point for being happy is to do my best: do the things which I know are for my true role. So if I were to add a 7, it would be: FOCUS ON YOUR GOAL / WORK TOWARD YOUR DREAM ;o)

Viviana1986: Nice article, this is Viviana. It's so hard to get to speak to you but thanks for the positive article. It clearly represents you. Thanks.....

Serenity427: Hi Sadia ! Thank you for another great article..Im very disappointed that this is the last article you are writing:((.. I am going to take your advice and try, really try to incorporate these 6 key points into my everyday life..I need some change! Love you and I hope there are more articles coming !! Youre the best ! Love You ! XOXOXO

Everwaiting: You mentioned doing the journal in one of our readings, took your advice and started doing a journal with a very good friend. At first getting 3 things could be difficult, now it is easy to find 5-10 things every day!! Two very good friends have noticed a big change in attitude & outlook on things!! Still have my moments of course, but I have you to thank in changing my outlook & attitude!!! Thank you very much Sadia, has been a great change in my life because of you!!! Thank you!!! xoxo

rp2chil: Great and insightful article that we can all use to read over and over. Thank you Sadia!

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