Stop Trying to Fix Others' Pain

Date 11/2/2016

Sometimes All People Need Is a Hug

Sometimes All People Need Is a Hug

It’s natural for people to go through the emotions of anger, sadness, and despair. It’s also natural for you to want to help people who are feeling these emotions. However, there comes a point when your “fixer” mentality can be overwhelming and detrimental to your own mental health. Sometimes it’s better to stop trying to fix others’ pain and remember that your feelings are important, too.

Realize That Nobody Is Happy 100 Percent of the Time

When you see someone is unhappy, take a step back before you go into full fixer mode. It’s impossible to fix every situation, and sometimes people need to work through their feelings on their own. Instead of trying to fix every situation you encounter, choose the situations where you know you can do some good. If you’re constantly trying to fix things, you’re going to get tired, and that’s not fair to you. Some fixers get sick because they don’t take time for themselves. Being the fixer is exhausting.

People Don’t Always Want You to Fix Anything

It’s also important to remember that sometimes all people really want is someone to listen to their problems and validate their pain — no fixing is necessary. There’s nothing wrong with listening, but make sure that you know when to break free so that you don’t become overwhelmed. You can always suggest a psychic chat if you run out of time. Sometimes other people’s pain can bring you down. Always have your mental health in the front of your mind.

A Hug Can Do More Than You Know

If you can’t get rid of your fixer mentality, try a simple solution. Physical touch has a way of calming people and making them feel better. Instead of coming up with some elaborate plan to fix people who are in pain, consider trying a simple hug. It shows people that you care and makes them feel loved. Plus, giving a hug is easy and doesn’t require a lot from you. A smile can also help brighten someone’s day without too much effort from you.

Don’t Get Too Involved in the Situation

Unless your spouse, child, or very close friend is the one in pain, you should not get too involved because it’s not your place. You can offer a little emotional support, but only do what you can handle emotionally at the time. Suggest a phone psychic to deal with the rest. It’s not fair to you to get stuck in things that will bring you down, too.

Fixers are some of the most gentle, caring, and admirable people. However, their downfall is that they always put others before themselves. If you’re a fixer, it’s important to realize how your actions are affecting your own well-being. You don’t always need to fix others’ pain.


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