Stop Feeling Like Slow Progress Is a Failure

Date 3/9/2021
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Even a turtle's pace will get you to the finish line eventually.

Even a turtle's pace will get you to the finish line eventually.

The modern mindset is one of instant gratification and quick success. You want things to happen fast and pay off almost instantly, but this isn't how the universe works. Learn to accept the divine perfection of slow progress and you'll experience a more meaningful sense of satisfaction with your life.

Find the Beauty in Slow Growth

Growth doesn't happen quickly in nature, yet it takes on a beautiful and entirely perfect form. It takes time for a seed to poke through the soil, flower, and fruit. An elephant takes nearly two years of gestation to emerge in all its wild glory. A tree will take several years to reach maturity and cast the cool shade you're looking for. Recognize that some of the most beautiful things in the world take a significant amount of time to grow.

Realize Your Path Isn't Linear

Take a drive down a winding country road and think about the exhilaration of the journey. You're rewarded with new vistas every time you crest a hill or round a bend. The route may wind back on itself to avoid an obstacle, and your northbound journey could travel south for a bit. In the end, you get where you're going and often discover some fascinating stops on the road.

Life isn't always a highway where you can speed straight on. Travel it like that winding road, enjoying what you find and taking your time to appreciate the journey. Though the path isn't linear, you'll get where you're headed. If you want a peek at the map, you may find that tarot readings can help.

Embrace Stillness

Meditation may be difficult for you because it forces complete stillness. You must cease movement and stop making progress. An hour of meditation is an hour you're not working on your business project, cleaning the house, or taking care of errands, but it's certainly not an hour wasted. Start assigning significant value to periods of life when you simply stand still. Live in a kind of graceful and grateful meditation.

Celebrate Small Victories

Even when you feel stagnant, you're still moving forward. You can't stop the progression of time, so even the most mundane day is still a step onward. Big accomplishments are the result of thousands of tiny completions. 

Keep a journal and write down three things you've done each day to help you recognize your progress even when it seems that you're making none. This can help you avoid a sense of failure when it's looming large. If you're struggling to identify any accomplishments at all, talking to a live psychic can clue you in to the many ways you're progressing.

Though slow movement often goes against how you may celebrate success, it doesn't equate to failure. Learn to appreciate the perfection of natural progress in its own time, and don't stress when things don't happen quickly.


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