Stop Agonizing Over What Other People Think

Date 8/27/2020
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Are you more concerned with what others think than with your own authentic truth?

Are you more concerned with what others think than with your own authentic truth?

Do you weigh your choices against how others will react? Are you afraid to voice an opinion if someone else doesn't offer it first? If your life is focused outwardly on what others think, you'll miss out on valuable opportunities to look inward and address what really matters. It's impossible to please everyone, but if you're authentic you'll naturally attract people who appreciate and value you, just the way you are.

Define Your Values

Insecurity over what others think rarely comes from a place of deep, stable values. When you identify and personify your values, you'll find it easier to let go of surface worries that don't impact your beliefs. If you value honesty, you should be more concerned with whether you're speaking your truth than with what others will think about it. If you value compassion, you should practice as much compassion for yourself as you would for others when you're not looking your best. Internalize your values and strive to let your thoughts and actions flow through them.

Take Ownership of Your Opinions

Own what you think and feel, regardless of whether others agree with you. Never compromise your beliefs for others or hide them in the shadows because you're nervous about how they'll look in the light. If you have trouble validating your own truth, an honest psychic chat might help. Your thoughts and opinions are uniquely yours and entirely valid whether they're shared or not. Voicing them bravely may draw some criticism, but it will also help you find your tribe of like-minded individuals and help you realize you're not as alone as you might think.

Understand What Isn't Yours

You only retain ownership of your own personal experiences. Don't let things that belong to others weigh you down. The fact that your coworker is late is her business. Whether you get upset and let it ruin your day is your business. Let go of what's hers and handle only those things that are within your control. This includes what other people think. How you feel in your outfit is your business. How your colleague feels about your apparel is not your concern. Pay attention to what's yours and don't pursue what isn't.

Do Your Best

Do the best that you can with each moment you're given and give yourself the grace of knowing that your "best" changes continuously. Some days, your best may include a 5-mile run, outstanding business presentation, or five-course dinner. Another day, getting out of bed might be the best you can do. Give yourself complete loving acceptance in both situations and don't entertain any concerns about what others might think when you know that you're meeting your full potential. A tarot reading may help you prioritize what's important.

If you let others' disapproval guide your actions, you'll miss the chance to find the people you really need in your life — the ones who love you the way you are. Keep your focus on authenticity and the rest will follow.


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