Steer Clear of Fear.

Published Date 6/4/2012
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Fear can stop you from being happy!

Beware of that nasty little four letter word "fear". A healthy amount of fear can be a good defense mechanism; like that feeling of just knowing you shouldn't do something or how we know not to put our hand in fire. That is healthy fear. Watch out for fear that is stopping, preventing, delaying, or diverging positive or healthy change. That type of fear is not good. If you're not careful fear can lead you away from anything that brings happiness.

Steer clear of this type of Fear
Fear of speaking out because of being judged could keep necessary change from happening.
Fear of changing careers and doing what you love could rob you of the potential of fulfilling your dreams or destiny.
Fear of leaving an unhealthy relationship could keep you living in misery indefinitely, missing out on healthy love.
Fear of letting go of that guy could make you miss out on 10 others.
Fear of expressing your feelings could prevent necessary communication and stifle or end a relationship.
Fear of expressing your talents could make you miss out on valuable opportunities.
Fear of taking a chance on change and leaping into the unknown could make for a disappointing existence.

If you don't take leaps of faith the unknown will remain the forever unknown. Pay attention to make sure that fear is not holding you in undesirable patterns. Many times in life we can get so wrapped up in fear we don't even notice it preventing change. Never abandon common sense or your basic instincts of right and wrong, but do be sure to pay attention and examine fear in your decision making processes.

Go for it
Ask that person out and get it over with so you can move on.
Talk about what is bothering you to your mate, friends, family and coworkers so you can develop truthful loving,lasting healthy bonds.
Express yourself.
Go for your dreams.
Clear the air with an X.
Make that call you're procrastinating.

Go for that change you dream of. If fear is robbing you of joy; move it out of your way. Let it go. Move past it and on to better things. When you get stuck call on Arch Angel Michael. He will bring you strength and courage. He fears nothing! Give me a call to get started.


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