Spring Equinox: A Celebration of Growth by Psychic Torri

Date 2/23/2021
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Rejuvenate your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies.

Rejuvenate your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies.

Once again, spring equinox is upon us, signaling the beginning of new growth on Earth. The early flowers and herbs push themselves through the dirt and make themselves known for the first time this year. Sitting atop a mountain, I seem to see more than the average person when it comes to nature, as I am surrounded by the beauty and its changing seasons. I’ve been watching my two little chipmunks digging and paying me a visit for the first time since fall.

With the return of the spring equinox, the life force of Nature is once again restored and the cycle of regeneration begins anew! Our own rejuvenation begins within our bodies as well. Humans have four body levels that together form the whole person. This includes emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. All of our bodies need to be cleared, aligned, refreshed and restored on a regular basis in order for us to feel healthy and grow as Nature intended. Our mundane lives may cause us to neglect this duty, but when restored, we are balanced and ready for new growth!

Growth and healing come hand in hand. Proper diet heals the physical body. The mental body is healed by reprogramming your thought patterns by replacing the old ones. This technique also balances and strengthens the mental body. The emotional body can be healed by doing breathing exercises. Our breathing can become shallow when our emotions become very painful. So, by doing breathing exercises, we overcome and release the pain in our lives.

Humans have a cosmic spiritual body and healing your spiritual body is as simple as being more spiritually aware. You can hike into the forest, meditate, spend time close to water, visit temples, light candles and connect to Mother Earth. Ignoring your own spiritual body and spiritual awareness can lead to poor health.

Now you are ready for your own spring growth. Once all bodies are balanced and healthy, you can proceed. Remember: Learning and evolving is a part of your growth.

-Expand your spiritual awareness by starting a crystal garden to keep emptiness away. 
-Start fresh with your physical body; change your diet and consume healthier foods. 
-Change your mental body by studying the mysteries of life to develop different thoughts and ideas.
-Emotional body growth can happen with a new attitude!

Now you have all the ingredients for new growth and a new you. Embrace the spring equinox in celebration of growth!

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