Spring Cleaning For Your Energy System by Psychic Coffee

Published Date 3/23/2013
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Cleanse your aura to purify your energy system.

Spring is such a wonderful time of year and was traditionally a time to clean and purify our entire energy systems. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But, we’ve become so modern and device-reliant that most of us don’t know how to begin. In fact, many of us are not sure we really even have an energy system.

We’ve downgraded the tradition of spring cleaning to just include our home and property. Let’s explore an exercise from the past. I encourage you to try this yourself:

1. Stand outside in the sunlight and imagine a rainbow forming an archway overhead, touching the ground on your left and right sides, being most brilliant directly above you. The rainbow starts with red at the top, then orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and ends with violet nearest your head.

2. Shut your eyes and imagine that your winter depleted aura is reaching above your head and drawing in the most important color from the rainbow.
Do not tell yourself which color you need, let your aura determine it. You may be surprised to discover which color your depleted aura wants. Most of us are, so expect the unexpected. Enjoy the feeling as you let your aura take in all the color it wants. In a few minutes, you will feel when your aura stops drawing in the color. Take a deep breath or two and go to the next step.

3. With your eyes still closed, let your aura reach up again for the second most needed color. Let your aura draw it in. Warning: most modern people, especially artists, will want to draw in harmonious color schemes. That is a no-no. Be sure to let your aura, not your mind or your beliefs about color, determine the second color. Just relax and let your aura draw in the second color that it needs from that rainbow. It will again stop when it is finished and you will enjoy the new colors. Breathe for a minute or two and go to the next step.

4. Open your eyes slightly and look at your hands for about thirty seconds. Then gently close your eyes, relax, and let your aura draw in the third most needed color. Again, remember to let your aura draw the color in as your aura always knows exactly what it needs to help you create a fantastic year. When it stops drawing in the third most needed color, gently and very slowly begin to open your eyes. Focus on your hands first and then slowly focus on a beautiful plant or object. It is important to look at beautiful things and, if possible, to listen to soft harmonious music after doing spiritual exercises. This will help to anchor the changes in your energy field.

To get the greatest benefit from this exercise, try it while standing near a tree, lake, stream, or the ocean’s shoreline. This is a daytime exercise and works on both sunny and cloudy days.

Here are a few things to avoid after you've completed the exercise:
-Do not surround yourself with white light as this time. It is essential to let your aura integrate its chosen colors in order to heal.
-Do not rush about or engage in any conversation.
-Try not to go right back to work.
-Avoid pushing the changes in your aura right back out of your life by worrying about what just happened or if it worked correctly.

I hope this exercise proves as useful to you as it has been to me and my students. Enjoy and embrace spring!
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