Spiritual Blessings From Nature’s Music! by Psychic Trecinda

Published Date 1/2/2013
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Choose the “theme songs” to your life wisely

Each and every day at my coastal home, we awaken to the sound of music.  Yes, music, and it comes not from anything electronic, but from the Nature around this humble abode.  Can you hear it at your house?

The wind rustles through the deciduous trees, creating a white noise akin to the gentle shaking of a Native American rattle.  Birds chime in with a steady verse and wreak a wild chorus when prompted by the entrance of a chattering squirrel.  A lone owl calls with his own beautiful tenor voice, joined by another owl with her just-as-beautiful alto. Dogs spread the news from one neighborhood to another in their own vocal status updates across the marsh; the news seems to spread like wildfire among the country dogs and even crosses the waterway bridge to provide entertainment to the dogs in town.  The huff of a backyard deer and the puff of a surfacing dolphin herald the joys of life as the crashes of the ocean’s waves upon the sands offer up triumphant victory clashes greater than any man-made cymbal ever could.  These are the musical sounds of Life around our little home.  Nature’s rhythms are seen, felt, and heard, with each change being important, with each change also maintaining perfect harmony.  

As intelligent beings, we long to re-create Nature’s music.  Long before the first instrument was hewn, the human voice was provided by the Great Spirit, the Creator.  No doubt, some of the first utterings from the human larynx were those of sheer awe and of appreciative praise of Earth’s beauty.  For most of us, the first thing that comes from our mouths is a shrieking cry as we enter the world for the first time; this shriek, appropriate at such a traumatic event, tends to turn into a satisfied coo as the newborn baby soon suckles from Nature’s bountiful provisions.  All the sounds of Nature translate into songs that could be played on any channel and could be immediately understood, loved, and downloaded.

The tones and content of these sounds are of utmost importance.  Consider the cry of an animal in distress, a child in need, and a baby in a wet diaper; the noises that they make are designed to elicit an immediate response from the listener!  When we hear these sounds, our blood pressure rises, our heartbeat quickens, and our muscles tense to meet the needs of the moment.  These “distress signals”  cause stress within our own bodies and spirits.

Now consider the sounds of a lullaby, of a love poem, and a joyful hymn; these sounds instantly soothe our souls.  Our blood pressure lowers, our heartbeat steadies, and our muscles relax as a response to the signal that all is well.  The more spiritually positive our choice in music, the better off our health will be!

What are YOU listening to?  Are you listening to music that enhances the positive Nature in your life?  Or are you masochistically choosing to force chaos-inducing strains upon your tympanums?  What we listen to, matters.  It creates an environment within our psyches and our very bodies which maintain our Natural rhythms. Choose the “theme songs” to your life wisely; choose music that will greatly enhance your life rather than rudely disrupt it.  Better yet, grab an instrument and CREATE your OWN music, and write your very OWN happy song of life.  Make it one that everyone will want to hear! 

Blessings to each and every one who reads this. 

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