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Date 9/17/2020
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It takes time and patience to connect with Spirit Guides

It takes time and patience to connect with Spirit Guides

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I receive questions frequently about spirit guides and how to contact them.  It's a subject I have vast experience dealing with and I want to share some of that knowledge with you.  As we head into Halloween this week, it felt like the perfect time to explore this topic in depth. 

I want to start with a few common questions I will answer in this article…  

What are spirit guides?  
Do we all have them?  
Are angels and spirit guides the same type entities? 

Differences Between Angels and Spirit Guides
First of all, angels and spirit guide are very different. Angels have never been human beings. They are divine light beings. Spirit guides, on the other hand, have experienced human lifetimes and have had many of the same struggles we face each day. 

The main goal of a spirit guide is to provide assistance, but we must ask for it. Both angels and spirit guides may make themselves known, but we often ignore the patterns as we are concerned with more mundane matters. The best way to receive help is to consciously bring spirit guides into our awareness, focus on a single problem, and formulate a specific question. 

Find Time to Meditate
One way that I do this is via meditation. In my experience, meditation is only effective when all distractions are eliminated and this can often be difficult to do in our hectic lives. However, finding even 15 minutes a day for quiet meditation can make huge differences in our health and attitude. Find a quiet, comfortable place, relax and make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing. 

I utilize tools to employ all my senses as well. Candles or incense provide a pleasant scent, soft music pleases our sense of hearing, and a peppermint other type of hard candy employs the sense of taste. I try to wear something silky as that is my favorite 'feel' for the sense of touch. The only sense I am not actively employing is the sense of sight and this is so I can visualize. 

Step One - Clearing the Mind
The first step is to clear the mind, which is actually a lot more difficult than it sounds. It does become easier with practice, but this can be the most difficult challenge for beginners. The brain is a sensory input, pattern seeking, solution seeking device. We constantly seek new information to process and information constantly bombards us even when we try to eliminate distractions. Short of being in a sensory deprivation device, we must contend with a certain amount of sensory input as we attempt to focus. 

Try this simple example: Attempt to concentration on one thought for three minutes. The thought could be "I want to contact my spirit guides." More than likely, you will experience numerous intrusive thoughts during the process, mostly from outside stimuli. As I tried to concentrate this morning, I noticed these distracting thoughts caused by sensory input: "One of my neighbors is mowing the yard", "I didn't turn off the coffee pot. The coffee smells good, I would like another cup", "Scooter (my dog) doesn't seem to feel well today, I hope he’s OK" etc. You get the idea. 

Focusing the mind is extremely difficult and takes a lot of practice and discipline. As you find yourself having distracting thoughts, center yourself and bring your mind back to focus. Keep trying and you will achieve results. 

Step Two – Achieving Clarity
As you are able to concentrate and stay focused on contacting a spirit guide for longer and longer periods of time, you will achieve a level of clarity. Hopefully, you will also be able to clear your mind of any preconceived notions about who your spirit guides should be. Let them appear to you and tell you who they are, don't create them as you would like them to be. 

Ask for a name and it will be revealed. This will help you personalize your guide. You will also probably hear this name frequently over the days that follow your initial contact. Your guide may be young or old, either gender, any race. Many people expect a spirit guide to be very similar to them (same gender, race, etc.) and this is not always the case. I have one spirit guide who is a young Native American male, for instance. 

Step Three – Be Specific and Patient
Now that you’ve made contact, you can just listen or you can ask your guide specific questions. The secret here, in my experience, is in being specific. It's very easy to ask vague, unclear questions which only leads to difficulty discerning answers. This will also help you achieve clarity in asking what answers you are seeking. 

Once the question is posed, you may receive a thought in the form of words, an image, or a smell invoking a certain memory that can lead to an answer. Be aware that guides communicate in numerous ways, choosing the one way the guide feels will be most effective. 

Sometimes, the answer isn't given right away. If this is the case, keep the question in your mind over the next few hours, days, and an answer will come to you. It’s also an excellent idea to journal about your experiences in communicating with your spirit guide. 

Remember, we all have spirit guides who are eager to help us.
You just have to ask and put yourself in a place where you know clearly what your questions are and be open minded about answers provided. It does not require any type of psychic ability to contact spirit guides, just awareness and meditation skills.

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