Some Thoughts on the Spirit World by Psychic Anthony

Published Date 3/11/2019
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

The mind uses symbols in dreams to express deeper meanings.

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Time is a human construct. Spirits are not bound by the moment and time does not exist. The word "reincarnation" is only a human concept, a symbol of the eternity of souls. Perhaps we will live this life over and over until we get it right (as in the movie Groundhog's Day), or we can live many different versions of the same life time or a continuum through history of variations on a theme in infinite multi-verses throughout eternity!
Open your heart (not your mind) to the limitless possibilities and forget about time and space completely. Think of it all as an eternal dream of limitless potential. The After Life or Dream Time between physical life is the only dream world that is honest about it and not trying to fool you into thinking it is more than a self-generated dream reality.

Being an immortal and all-powerful ball of pure plasma energy gets old after a few million years and so we want to come here to face the terrible and wonderful challenges of being a human being at the mercy of infinite forces seemingly beyond our control. We come for the great challenge of mortality.

The language of symbols is the universal language that can express deeper layers of meaning than mere words. The mind uses symbols in dreams to express deeper multi-layered meanings. The truth is that all people, regardless of culture or time in history: DREAM! 

"A filter through which our days are seen, 
a word play of worlds that might have been. 
A trickle of the future mixed up with the past; 
first thought of the day as well as the last!" 

This is the connection between the moment focused ego and the cosmic mind of our true spiritual nature. It is our true spiritual being that exists in another dimension of non-corporeal entities of pure energetic consciousness of limitless potential as in physics. (matter/energy) 

The revelation of this universal truth of symbolic reality takes different (and similar) forms in various cultures. They all point to this greater truth: 

"We are much more than a few quickly passing years here on earth. We are undying parts of the eternal whole who come and go many times into the air of the earth and the Great Beyond; only to unfold the God Like Self." - The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus The Christ by Levi

"Words can only point in a direction, they are not absolute. From wonder into wonder existence opens." - Lao Tzu.

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