So You Think You've Been Hexed? by Psychic Willow

Date 10/11/2018

Having bad luck does not mean you've been cursed.

Having bad luck does not mean you've been cursed.

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As Halloween nears we think of Goblins, Ghosts and Witches. Yet even during the rest to the year some folks feel an uneasy feeling of having been “Hexed or Cursed.” There may be a string of bad luck, relationship issues, even not feeling well. They become convinced there must be a logical or illogical answer to the problem. They may contact their local Fortune Teller or look online for someone to “break the spell or stop it somehow.” People have lost hundreds of dollars being conned by an expert of some sort of practice. You may be told that the “evil is so strong,” or that “more money and time is needed“ for their spell to stop the negativity. Most are so smitten with the idea of the hex or curse they will continue to submit to money demand. 

Now here are several tips to review if you think you’ve been hexed or cursed:

1. A hex or curse requires the person who is casting it to have a strong hate for the individual, who is their intended victim. Simply being paid to do it does not mean anyone is doing it.  All of us have likely “wished ill will” upon someone, even if it’s something insignificant you don’t even think about. For example, folks at a red light might curse the person who just cut them off.  Or the bill collector who calls asking for someone to pay a debt, gets the phone slammed on them often and it usually is followed with an ill wish by the person who took the call. We’ve all probably done it, it’s a form of “cursing someone out” but not a “curse.”

2. To honestly hex an individual it requires so much energy and constant application that it is very very rarely ever done. 

3. Do not pay money to anyone who says, “you are cursed.” And they can remove it for a fee. Frankly it is most likely a scam that implants more anxiety and fear, so you become their meal ticket. You will never find that here on Psychic Source! 

4. Look at what has been going on realistically. Hard to do? Yes, but there are most likely logical answers to the problems we face. 

5. Talk with someone you trust. 

6. Consider what you possibly did to warrant someone to do this to you. Remember the person who does the hexing or cursing would need every reason to be this mad at you before ever doing this to you. In other words, retaliation for a harm that was done to them. If you honestly cannot think of anything nor anyone my best assumption is there is nothing there. 

7. We all have what is known as bad luck at some time during our lives. Why? Most likely it is happening because of Karma. Cause and effect. 

8. Dharma, protection. In some cultures, there is the belief that we must learn how to create peace and happiness within ourselves. This in turn produces a happier life, learning to love yourself and to cherish others. 

Not easy. 

Yet we must try very hard to grow spiritually, and full of love for life. Once we accomplish this tiny but difficult task we begin to experience happiness. 

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