Small Steps for a Better You

Published Date 7/10/2012
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Something you can do to start making the Universe work for you would be to create a goal.

As an advisor, lots of people call and ask questions to see if their life will be better in some form or fashion.  The majority of those questions can be answered with a resounding “yes.”  You see, many advisors can depict certain events or even tell you how something may turn out, but you must get yourself on a positive track by taking steps towards your goal. 

The goal, admittedly, can be somewhat daunting depending on the task.  However, no matter how difficult, there is a secret to getting there or at least, closer to your dream.  And once you start moving towards it, the Universe steps in and does its work.

Something you can do to start making the Universe work for you would be to create a goal- or dream-board.  This is something that you need to really take time and think about all the things you want out of life, or it may be just that special job or someone in your life.  Then, you need to map out a plan to get there.  If you write down the steps, you have done at least one thing to make the universe acknowledge that you want something to happen.  Finally, every day or week depending on the goal, make sure that you do something to move towards those tasks—and after a month, you will be 30 steps closer to your dream.  The universe will help attract what it is you need from that point.  You will be happier and your goal will start easing into your direction.  And you, only you, took the steps to make that happen—all for a better you.

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by Layne x8490

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