Signs You're More Intuitive Than You Think

Date 10/12/2016

People with strong intuition often have a special connection with nature and animals.

People with strong intuition often have a special connection with nature and animals.

Intuition is a gift, an ability to achieve insight and understanding without consciously deconstructing a situation or someone’s motives. Having strong intuition is a gift because it enables you to read situations and people quickly. You can cut through the noise and clutter by listening to your inner voice and getting to the heart of what matters. If you suspect you're intuitive, check whether or not you’ve experienced any of these signs.

You’re Observant

If you find yourself noticing what other people tend to overlook, you may be more observant because of your intuition. Your inner voice may quietly point you to observe things that others miss, such as nuanced facial expressions, emotions in someone’s voice, or a pattern of subtle behaviors. Thanks to your intuition, you pick up on these small clues that give you deeper insights into how other people feel and their relationships. People who have these skills often become teachers, salespeople, clairaudients, and therapists.

Answers to Problems Seem Natural and Obvious

When you rely on your intuition to guide you to a solution, you feel it’s the obvious answer to the problem. The path forward may seem natural because your intuition has helped you discern the best option. You’ve considered all the subtle factors contributing to the challenge you face and developed a natural solution.

You Prefer One-on-One Conversations to Big Crowds

Many intuitive people find large crowds to be draining because they sense the emotional noise around them. As a result, many people with strong intuition prefer one-on-one conversations about deep topics rather than superficial chit-chat.

People Open Up to You

Often, people subconsciously know when they encounter someone who’s intuitive and open up to them. This tendency for people to share their personal stories makes sense because intuitive people are active, engaged listeners. They hear what someone says aloud as well as the subtext of the conversation. Because a person with strong intuition hears layers of meaning and identifies patterns in stories that others miss, they’re wonderful at giving advice.

You Connect With Nature

Those who have strong intuitive powers often find themselves able to connect with nature and animals in special ways. If you’ve ever told a veterinarian, cat psychic, or pet sitter exactly how your furry friends feel about something, it may be a sign that you can connect with your beloved animal through your intuition. Just as intuition enables you to observe people in unique ways, it also can empower you to gain understanding and insight into your pet’s personality. One way many intuitive people relax and recharge is by spending time with pets or experiencing the outdoors.

Negative Emotions Don’t Overwhelm You

When negative emotions grab hold of intuitive people, they quickly realize that their ability to tap into their intuition is compromised. So, they mindfully move through negative feelings and embrace positive emotions.

If you experience any of these signs, your intuition may be stronger than you realize. Learn to use it to connect with other people.


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