She - An International Women's Day Poem by Psychic Delfina

Date 1/18/2023
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Her life has been filled with Power
Battleships, Nations, Natural Disasters take her name
She is sovereignty
She is strength
She is to be feared
She becomes a symbol of endurance, bravery, and fortitude.

Her life has been filled with Courage
Identity hidden while her arms carried comrades
Banners taken up
Walls torn down
Victories won with nothing more than faith and desire
She becomes a name that turns into legend.

Her life has been filled with Wisdom
She took knowledge into her own hands
Countless lives have been saved
Villages, countries, and hope restored
She becomes a leader.

Her life becomes our life
She is the DNA in our bones
She is the wisdom written in our hearts
She is the courage that carries us
She is the power that drives us.

Her title in life has been



My Inspiration:

My inspiration for this poem comes from the all the personal stories and history of women I have learned about throughout my life. Starting with the stories of my Native American ancestors, to my family immigrating to the United States from Europe, to my great grandmother living through the Great Depression, to the last month I spent listening to my grandmother's life story before she passed away. I began learning what so many woman throughout history did to protect themselves, their families, their countries, and pursued their dreams in the face of world who told them it was impossible. 

My life has been touched, changed, and empowered directly by the women in my life. Each new story I learn connects me to all the women who have come before me, and gives me the gift of their hopes, dreams, wisdom, courage, and power. We all carry the stories and strength of those before us, all we have to do is live our lives remembering they have walked the same paths we are now. 

Happy International Women's Day... today and every day!

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