Setting Your Remote Control with Your Higher Self by Psychic Tajah

Published Date 12/12/2018
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Quiet your mind to reach your higher self

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The Higher dimensional extension of your Self is always there to guide you through the difficult journey of your life. She always sends quiet messages and warnings if you tune into her in the silence and tranquility of the mind. 

Whether we are sad or feel joy – our Higher dimensional Self is there sharing our earthly experiences with us. Her higher vibrational energy field allows her to give us clues in everyday life, trying to keep us on the correct path. She offers the solution to a major challenge before the challenge happens. This way we can enter the challenge with the confidence of a warrior and know that we will ride out the storm. 

Quieting the Mind
Remember, the only thing you need to do is quiet the mind. You can tune into your Higher Dimensional extension Self any time to find clues and answers you need to move forward in a challenging situation. Practice communicating with your Extended Self to bring more and more great results in your life. I call this communication with my Higher dimensional Self like being a remote control. Once you establish or synchronize your remote control, you will find that your life flows in a perfect pattern.

Life events will happen with ease, with less drama and less stress. Our relationship with our Higher dimensional Self can prevent us from falling into traps set out by negative forces and beings that are always looking for the opportunity to tap into our energy fields.

Take Time to Tune In
Prepare your time with your Higher dimensional Self daily while you allow your mind to be quiet.  Find a quiet area in your private space or out in Nature where you can “tune in”. Take deep long breaths and wait to release your breath until they become shallower. It is best to keep your breath shallow because a steady breath allows you to keep disconnecting from the chatter of your thoughts. 

With regular visits with your Higher dimensional Self you will never feel lonely as you reset yourself on a calm and contended journey through life.

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