Seed Your Life with Meditation and Affirmation by Psychic Allison

Published Date 6/28/2017
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Through meditation and affirmation, let your garden full of life bloom!

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Meditation with Affirmation is the tilling and the planting of seeds for your most beautiful garden! What do you want to see bloom in your life?
Do you want to lose weight?
Earn more money?
Find the love of your life?
Live your purpose to the fullest extent?

Understanding Meditation

There are powerful studies showing the effectiveness of meditation. Meditation is often misunderstood. It does not have to be boring, nor done in the morning or right before bed. Meditation does not belong to one religion or culture. There are no rules with meditation. I do believe a regular practice time is important for general well-being.
Meditation is… 

a handy tool that is with you all the time, wherever you go and you whenever you need it. 

an emotional, mind, body and spirit "go-to" for when you need to feel centered and grounded. 

a connection to your highest state of being and communication with God, Source, the Divine.

the calming of your mind, body and emotions, meditation may be looked at as an equivalent to prayer time.

The Power of Affirmation

Carefully crafted affirmations are words that seed your whole being. The power of affirmation, mantras and chants are recognized all over the world, in many different societies and cultures. An affirmation is a positive thought that affirms a positive feeling. Your word is your magic wand, speak it and so it is. 

Examples of Positive Affirmations:

I am slim

I am joyful

I am healthy

I am a 6-figure income earner

You can be detailed in your affirmations, the more detailed you are the more clear and profound the seed is for yourself and the Universe to recognize (i.e. are you just planting flowers in your garden? Or are you planting white roses, shasta daisies and mammoth sunflowers?)

Go into your state of meditation and chant aloud or repeat the words in your mind of your carefully crafted affirmation, begin to feel you are living the words of your affirmation. The "I am" is the most powerful statement you can say, the "I am" claims what words you place after it. You may find this effective when you are needing a tool to shift or change your habitual thoughts or behaviors (for example: combating negative self-talk, putting down the cigarette, stepping away from the donut).

Meditating by feeling emotionally connected to your affirmation, your highest self and God, you will begin to radiate at a higher level of energy. You will begin to see changes happening in your life, opportunities will arise as the affirmations will transform from your words and thoughts to become manifest and realized. 

You truly can live your dreams, the process is in universal and mind, body, spirit alignment. This is manifestation and implementing the law of attraction.

A colorful garden full of life blooms await you! Begin your seeding now.

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