Secret to Success: Focus on your Needs

Published Date 6/18/2012
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One of the secrets to success is to focus on your needs!

One of the secrets to success is to FOCUS on your NEEDS!

Most people focus on what they don’t want and this is a big mistake, because the thing is that you get exactly what you focus on, thus focusing on what you don't want is a big no-no. 

How does this happen?
Well, it’s a “Universal Law of Attraction”.  Every single thought is put into action, thus if you focus on your needs, you attract more into your life to take care of those needs.  Be careful though, as you don’t want to say to yourself, “I need/want/desire more money because I never have enough money.”  This will go out to the Universe as a vibration of, “I never have enough,” thus bringing you back more of “not having enough.” For example, did you ever notice that people who complain about “having great money problems” all the time seem to have more of them come into their lives every day? And those who have the attitude of, “I may not be rich, but I’m so blessed with what I have” seem to attract more blessings into their lives?

Every single time something negative happens in your life, do you think about that? If these events are negative enough, which usually is the case; it won't leave your mind.  And that’s when it becomes dangerous!  That is when you actually start to focus on it.  Instead of focusing on the negative event that happened to you in your life, focus on the ending you want/desire to happen.

This works if:

* you have health or weight goals to achieve
* you want greater success in love
* you want to make more money
* you want to live the life of your dreams

Instead of focusing on the weight you’ve gained, focusing on the activities you’re doing to lose the weight is more productive, and before you know it, you’ve lost some of the weight, thus inspiring you to continue the pattern and loose more.  If you desire more success in love or a better relationship, let go of the negative past you’ve endured and focus on being a loving partner, and more compassion shall come into your life.  If your desire is to make more money, have a better career, or even to live the life of your dreams, then focus on doing the things you need to make those things manifest in your life.   Focusing on the simple steps to get there makes the bigger picture of your desires, wants, dreams, and needs easier to obtain.  Make monthly, weekly, and even daily goals, and then aspire to make those come true for you, all the while thinking to yourself, “I CAN DO THIS!”  Why? Because you CAN do it.

Focus on your needs of what you desire. For example, if it’s losing weight, focus on the exercise, or buy the bathing suit or dress you want to be able to wear ahead of time, and hang it somewhere you can see it a lot, thus inspiring your mind to continue the hard work you’re doing to lose the weight.  If your need is to be able to live the life of your dreams, do a collage of photos with photos of things that remind you of what that life will look like.  Also, spend 5 minutes a day in meditation focusing your mind on HOW your goal will feel once achieved.

Try these techniques, and I’m sure you’ll start to see a big change in your life, and your desire come to fruition faster than you’d thought possible.


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