Save Our Planet by Psychic Tina Lee

Published Date 5/2/2013
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

What are you doing to help our planet?

Mankind is raising its consciousness.  What a beautiful thing to see happen!


It’s happening right now on a level mankind has never seen. People are becoming more aware, socially, politically, environmentally and spiritually. It is important that we’re not fearful of these times. Instead, we should focus positive thoughts on this so we can raise mankind's consciousness even further. 


This is evolution in spirit.  We are evolving into a race of people who have realized that our Earth is a precious thing—to hurt Earth is to hurt ourselves. This belief has begun to take root in many people across the globe.  What are we leaving our children's children with? We’re becoming aware how fragile a place we live in. We must change all things in order to protect Earth, as well as protect mankind's future. 


Earth is a beautiful place to live, but let’s face it, we’ve spent a lot of time polluting it. The industrial age was such a big leap for our existence, but it’s only hurting Mother Nature.  Now we’re looking at the results of that and must strive, not as a nation but as one, to commit to do things differently in the future.  This calls for change in how we make energy and how we travel. 


I reach out to all mankind and ask you to remember that you are a soul.  Your actions affect others and it ripples to others.  So make your actions positive and love your fellow soul.  When are you are presented with an opportunity to do something great to help our beautiful planet, then do so. Remember that what you put out there comes back to you ten-fold—so put good out there!  Many blessings.

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