Road to Tranquility

Published Date 7/5/2012
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We are all looking for peace in our lives, now more than ever.

Psychic SourcWe are all looking for peace in our lives, now more than ever. Meditation is not for everyone, although I highly recommend it. Breathing exercises alone can reduce your stress level.  But if meditation is not your style, here are 4 helpful hints to bring your stress level down:

1.  Be selfish the right way: Treat and reward yourself for your hard work! Take twenty minutes out of your day to reduce noise levels, take a hot bath, or a nature walk is good exercise while being selfish. I often recommend bookstores because they are quiet and full of useful knowledge, even if you don’t buy the book. Those of you looking for relationships might find Mr. or Mrs. Right. You never know until you try! There are plenty of ways to take time to find your own peace of mind.

2. Learn how to breathe: Breathing is one of the main keys to tranquility. If you begin to feel frustrated, take a second to pay attention to your breathing patterns. Normally when you feel frustrated, the breaths you take are shorter. If you learn to notice when this happening, you can teach yourself to take deep breaths at all times. I would recommend taking three good deep breaths before you get back to it and try to keep it up without thinking.  If you write down what has frustrated you, you can also learn your “triggers.” Try to weed them out. Once this is mastered, you can handle anything that comes your way.

3.  Take a sunlight break: The sun is jam packed with Vitamin D, which most of us are lacking. Whether you work third shift or you work all day…step outside in the morning, take it in, and smile! The sun can bring your warmth while improving your mood and your health.

4. Bring the earth inside: If you don’t have a green thumb, I recommend Aloe or Cactus plants, and large tropical style trees. Most of these plants don’t require a lot of attention. You can put them in a pot with the right indoor potting soil, place them in a bright room, and take two minutes to water them one day a week. It’s easy! Most Aloe plants can go for two weeks without water, so there are no worries if you forget. Plants will bring fresh oxygen into your environment and keep you grounded. We need a plant’s oxygen when we inhale and the plants need our carbon dioxide when we exhale. The more you breathe, the more they grow!

Remember, environment is another key to a tranquil lifestyle. Keep your space neat and orderly to keep the proper flow of energy. I recommend burning sage on occasion to clear any negative energy. Soothing music is best.

Don’t do too much. Any small changes do cause stress, so take baby steps. The whole goal is to relax!


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