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Published Date 12/21/2019
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Burning a Red holiday candle represents unconditional love.

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The Winter months are a time of going within spirit as the trees hibernate and the leaves fall, we embrace an awakening of spirit as we let the old die away and experience a rebirth of new life. It is a time of awakening our senses to the holiday season of celebration, comfort, and the joys of living. 

The Holiday season can be a joyful comforting time of year but can also be a time of great stress in our lives as we busy ourselves with holiday shopping and trying to find the perfect gift as well as planning social events and parties to get together with friends and family. It is important during this time that we make time for ourselves and remember that it is the little things in life that are valuable to our spiritual wellbeing so we can experience the love and joy of the holidays.

Using ritual oils and candles during the holiday season can prepare you for joyful experiences to delve deep into the senses as they evoke emotions of comfort, happiness, and love to inspire you to create memorable moments with family and loved ones. It would be wise to think about what feelings you would like to embrace and what energy you would like to welcome in your home.

7 Colorful Holiday Candles to Enjoy
Holiday candles set the mood in your home for welcoming celebration and healing energy for all to experience and enjoy.  Try displaying and burning any combination of these colorful candles around the home and discover their benefits below.

Orange and Black candles are a wonderful color scheme for the fall season and is associated with Autumn and the leaves changing. Orange evokes creativity and playful energy and increases mental stimulation and activity. Black is traditional and timeless and is a grounding energy that can remove any negative energy in your environment. 

White candles bring purification and healing to all during the holidays and will cleanse the home. 

Purple candles symbolize royalty and spirituality and can be used to enhance protection and personal power. 

A popular choice for the holiday season is the traditional Silver candle which create positive intentions and welcome in higher spiritual energies of purity and joy. 

Red and Green candles make great choices for Christmas time and evoke feelings of passion and unconditional love as well as manifesting wealth and abundance to all areas of life. 

10 Ritual Oils and Their Benefits
Ritual oils are very beneficial as they help to uplift your spirit during times of stress and mental activity; creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility to soothe your mind and spirit. 

A popular choice and one of my favorites during the holidays is Cedarwood as it is warm and woody; welcoming in energies of feeling grounded and strong as well as cozy in your home. 

Lavender is another great essential oil to use as it promotes relaxation and feelings of calmness and peace. 

Peppermint oil is a chosen option for many as it uplifts the senses, relieves anxiety and stress and can boost the energy in your home and within yourself for optimal relaxation. 

Cinnamon and Sweet Orange oil is a wonderful combination to create a warm citrusy aroma that reminds you of the holidays and boosts your immune system to prevent he cold or flu. 

Ginger and Nutmeg oil are excellent choices for the holiday season as they awaken your senses to increasing appetite and helping with any digestion issues. 

Frankincense and Myrrh are both ancient oils that have been used since biblical times. The three wise men brought Frankincense and Myrrh to baby Jesus when he was born and symbolizes spiritual healing and the balancing of the crown chakra. It can be used in churches or any places of worship as it symbolizes prayer and holiness. When you pair these two together, it can help relieve any stress or anxiety as well as boost the immune system. 

Last but not least, Neroli oil is an amazing uplifting sweet, floral yet spicy aroma that can help balance the emotions and can be used in a variety of ways that will promote happiness and relieve anxiety. It also aids in helping with insomnia or sleep disorders, high blood pressure, indigestion, colds, and even headaches. Neroli is an exquisite oil to use during the holiday season. It will lift your spirit in times of stress or feelings of anxiety as it helps you to restore your emotional strength and creates balance within your spirit. Neroli also gives you that boost of optimism that you need to get through the holidays feeling fresh and awakened to new possibilities and experiences.

Happy Holidays and enjoy all the sights and scents of the season!

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