Researchers continue to debate whether names influence destiny

Published Date 6/7/2012
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Researchers continue to debate whether names influence destiny

There has been much debate as to whether our names affect the decisions we make later in life, as well as our overall destiny. While the argument continues, more researchers are conducting their own studies to find links between our names and the lives we live.

One expert who has done his own research to end the debate is Uri Simonsohn from the University of Pennsylvania. reports that Simonsohn conducted a study to determine if there were any similarities between individuals' names and the companies they choose to work for later in life. A previous study had found that people are slightly more likely to work for companies that start with the first three letters of their names.

After examining a sample of 438,000 Americans, Simonsohn was able to identify no similarities, contrasting previous studies.

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