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Published Date 11/16/2013
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Removing Negative Energy From Buildings Is Helped By Space Clearing

Space clearing, which works hand in hand with the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, is believed to remove unhealthy energy that gathers within buildings and on furnishings.

The process of space clearing goes beyond removing negative energy. It makes room for positive vibes, allowing people to live in a space with a good flow of vibrant energy in their homes and workplaces.

It's best preceded by a thorough clearing away of clutter, but if that's not possible, space clearing can still proceed to improve the atmosphere in a space. Once that occurs, people often find they're mentally renewed and able to move ahead with clutter removal.

One way for people to understand what may be holding them back from clearing clutter from their lives is to consult with phone psychics. Frequently, people understand issues they're dealing with better after having live psychic readings.

According to Karen Kingston, author of "Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui," space clearing works best when people have a strong desire to generate change in their lives.

"While there's no denying you'll get a better result if you clear out clutter before doing space clearing, if you find yourself unable to get going with clutter ... then skip it and do the space clearing," she wrote on her website. "Space clearing is the most effective way I know of loosening stuck energy that accumulates around clutter, so doing it will enable you to re-engage clutter clearing afterwards with renewed enthusiasm and gusto."

Conducting A Space Clearing
Feng shui guides people to improve the energy flow around them with better building design, furniture arrangement and color choices. These design changes should be done in conjunction with space clearing.

Although Kingston recommended that people hire a trained space clearing professional to do a thorough ceremony, people can also do an informal clearing to lighten the atmosphere of their homes or workplaces.

She suggested doing a space clearing when you're feeling well physically and emotionally and are mentally focused. Bathe before the clearing, put away all food and drink in sealed containers, remove all jewelry and metallic objects from your person and do the clearing while barefoot. Work in silence, turn off fans or other machinery that makes noise and open a door or window.

Start by becoming attuned with the space, mentally focusing on your intention. From the main entrance, circle the perimeter of the area to be cleared in order to sense the energy. Throughout the space, light candles, burn incense and sprinkle water from bowls with fresh flower petals floating in them. Offer prayers to the spirit of the home and to guardians of the nature elements of earth, fire, water and air. Call upon spirit guides for help.

Clap in corners to disperse static energy, then wash your hands in running water. Ring bells to purify the space and fill the area with intention, light and love. To maintain the good energy, a full clearing ceremony should be done once a year and more frequently when you're experiencing major life changes. Maintain the energy with smaller ceremonies every three months.


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