Release the Fear of Dying by Psychic Tina Lee

Published Date 1/12/2013
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Release your fear of dying

A lot of the clients that I encounter have a major fear of death and dying.  So, I want to explain a bit to everyone who fears death so that they can let go of that fear and enjoy their life to fullest. 

Since I have had a near death experience, I think I am very qualified to assure you all that death is not the end; its our reward for living here on this earth.  Your soul knows when its time to depart this world and during the dying process we are lifted from our painful bodies and are allowed to float above our bodies as we watch ourselves take our last breath. 

We are not sad to not be in that body, in fact most of us are glad not to be in that body anymore.  When souls realize that they are passing on to their true home, they are filled with joy and feel the connection to everything and everyone in this entire universe. 

All the questions that we ever wanted to know are known in a instant.  That's when those whom we have loved and lost meet us on the other side.  We are so happy to see them and they are so overjoyed to us. 

They explain why you were on earth, what your life mission was and whether or not you were able to achieve that mission.  If you weren't able to achieve that mission, there is no judgment; soul simply gets with its Guides and plans another life to achieve the same mission again.  The soul is allow to rest and rejuvenate before it is allowed to come back and do another mission. 

All religions are like spokes on a wheel.  They all lead to the same place, God consciousness.  It is a struggle to be born and its a struggle to die, but if you don't fight leaving your body, it's effortless.  Remember, we are spiritual beings and Earth is not our true home.  "Energy can never be destroyed, only transformed."   Albert Einstein

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