Release and Let Go - The Importance of Detachment by Psychic Amethyst

Date 4/28/2016

How do you let go?

How do you let go?

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Mother Gaia’s energy is moving towards the quiet hibernation of winter as we move into moments of self-nurturing and deeper reflection. This is the time to take a moment or two for greater healing and releasing. We ask ourselves what are we holding on to and why are we holding on? 

Our lives are eternal and this life, this 3rd dimensional experience is not the only experience we have during our soul’s existence. We are consistently reminded to let go and release because one of our lessons is to have detachment. With detachment comes the freedom of expansion. This life is not the only one for our soul because our soul is vast. If I am holding on, to whatever it is I am attached to, I am telling myself that my soul is limited to only this experience. This is not the truth of the universe, so in essence I am telling myself a falsehood. 

As I release and heal, my creativity flourishes and new ideas are birthed. Living in detachment is a fertile place full of free expression. This does not mean I do not care or do not love, it means I love so much that I am open, expansive and full. Living with detachment and learning to let go is a life-long lesson for all of us. It is one of the lessons for mastering this human experience - learning the wisdom that we are beyond the human experience.

How Do I Let Go? 
Letting go sounds so easy and feels like such a pipe dream. I have found many different ways to practice letting go and each time I initiate this practice it looks a little different. One way is to sit quietly. Imagine in your mind’s eye the person, place or thing you would like to let go. Place that image in your hands and offer it to the Divine. Pay close attention to your physical sensations. Feel the image in your hand, feel your heart blessing the image with your desire to let it go. Feel yourself hand over the image to the Divine.

Another way to let go is to create a box or container specifically designated for the Divine and Universe. Many people call this a "God Box" and it can be any type of container with a lid. I bought a cookie jar from Pier One and it sat in my living room for years without anyone knowing it was my container for the Divine. Whenever something came up that I felt myself holding onto, fighting to let go, I would write it down on a piece of paper and then place it in that jar. I would say a little prayer to the Divine asking to care for this issue for me because I was unable to let it go. I asked that I be rid of my attachment to it and that I trusted the Divine to handle the issue in the most healthful way.

There Are No Limits To Letting Go
There are many other practices, rituals and habits you can develop for letting go. There are no limits to this practice. Open up your creativity and experiment with different ways to release the things that no longer serve you. Here are some thoughts to reflect on today as you continue to walk your journey.

What do I desire to let go today? Am I open to the abundance of creativity that will take the place of attachment? I am ready to live fully and it is safe for me to live fully. I trust in the universe to guide and protect me. I am always protected when I live fully in my heart space and welcome my expansion. I am always guided by the Divine Wisdom within me. Today I will listen to the Divine Wisdom within, no matter how quiet that voice may seem to be.

May you embrace the light and love that is offered to you in this experience, today. May you embrace detachment, release and deeper healing.

Namaste my friends.

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