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Quantum Physics and Quantum Theory. How Does this Apply to Metaphysical Thoughts? by Psychic Zoey

Date 9/15/2022
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A positive attitude can help your visualizations become reality.

A positive attitude can help your visualizations become reality.

To answer the question posed by the title of this article, they are one and the same. We live in an exciting time when the science of mind and biology are finally being addressed in their correct perspective. To translate, I often tell my clients that they create their own reality and that the thoughts they send out are what others receive as pure truth. As energy readers, psychics, and healers of every age in the past and present know, thoughts transmit clearly to the world around us. Science is finally catching up and stating these thoughts as fact.

Take a look at the latest quantum theories if you have never done so. For us in the metaphysical world, it is like an acknowledgment, a fact-finding confirmation of what we knew to be true all along. It is what we have always sensed and been guided by.

What You Send Out is What You Get Back

I also frequently tell my clients that what we send out is what we get back. For instance, ever wake up with negativity; I mean real negativity? Like I don’t deserve this or that, or things will not turn out, right? Just look back at that day you had those thoughts. Did you notice not-so-nice things coming back to you? Perhaps someone yelled at you for nothing you did at all? Or your computer just didn’t work right. Or your connection with a friend went sour. These incidents aren’t random. They occur because you set them up. In other words, we truly create our own worlds. So, reverse the sentiments.

You see yourself waking up with a great attitude. Everything is well. All will work out the way it should. You don’t need to stress; good things are coming toward you. And they do. Your day runs smoothly. Perhaps an incident occurs that you never imagined. It just seems to come “out of the blue” (now you know, there is no such thing, my dears). Basically, the bottom line is your day turns out great. That is a compilation of your cells working together to create this nirvana.

Visualize It!

But please don’t be misguided. This is not a flippant act, but rather one that comes from concentrated effort on your part. You see our subconscious (cells) are at the command of the conscious mind. So, what we impart to our inner world is manifested in the outer. Oh, I think I want an ice cream truck to appear.

No, no, no!  We must put conscious effort into this act. Please read “conscious” not “frenzied” or “pressurized”. OK. So put effort into creating in your mind what you want. Visualize it. That’s the next step.

This is the fun part. Just think about what you want as if it were happening now. See it as a movie in your head. And please put an action to that thought. Example: “I will now meet the perfect man (or woman) for me.” So, what do you see? This person is now walking toward me with a shy smile on their face. He or she comes closer, takes my hand, and we begin walking through the woods. I can smell the essence of the air, can hear the sounds of birds in the distance, can feel a slight cool breeze around my face. Remember to employ all your senses. Got the picture? Okay, and it is quite literally a picture.

Allow the Universe to Manifest

Next step: hold the thought gently, meaning no straining, no pulling, no tugging. Basically, give it up to Universe to manifest. Don’t worry yourself with the how’s, why’s and when’s. Just hold this thought gently. Smile when you think about it.

Quantum physics tells us the same story. We create our own world. We truly do.

With this knowledge know that each and every one of us can make a supreme difference in everything around us. What we hold in our hearts makes a big difference not only in our own lives, but in the lives of those around us, in our circle, in the environment, in the larger world. Actually, in the Universe. In other words, we truly do make a difference.

When I first came across quantum physics, I found myself smitten. And as a long-time healer and intuitive empath, I am absolutely exalted to know that the time is turning when my beliefs are being confirmed.

Parting suggestion: If you have a moment, and haven’t done so already, I suggest you take a look at Bruce Lipton’s classic book “The Biology of Belief”. Or simply google the man and catch one of his many YouTube videos. I know it will be time well spent.

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Zoey has always been passionate about writing and art. She's had many media stories published plus poetry and greeting card verses. Some of her very favorite stories were written about Jamaica from a press tour. These led to discussions about her tarot reading. Before she knew it she was being asked to come back and read in a salon. Zoey is currently working on a fiction book about how thoughts can create your world. She hopes through her characters to teach clients how to create less havoc in their lives while manifesting their heartfelt desires.


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