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Published Date 1/22/2020
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Fate can work with or against our Destiny!

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Many individuals become extremely disappointed when psychic predictions fail to occur. It’s natural for someone looking for a forecast to feel disappointed and discouraged when a psychic advisor’s prediction does not occur exactly as they hoped it would.  The fact is there is a major difference between something that is based on fate and something that can potentially occur based on destiny.

The difference between fate and destiny has to do with our ability to use our will power. When it comes to fate, we have very little say on how things will occur.  Fate is the equivalent of having an appointment we cannot alter or change.  While destiny is basically the road we select which leads us to our fate.

Fate Vs. Destiny
In simple terms, think of destiny as a plan or a decision we made just before taking an action. For instance, you have decided to take a new job.  In taking the job, you have done every step to get ourselves prepared for the new opportunity, such as going to bed early, having a new outfit ironed and ready hanging in the closet and making sure we have the alarm set on our cell phone to wake us up in the morning. Destiny is made possible because we take proactive steps when an opportunity occurs. Now fate and destiny can work together, by making it possible for us to be in the right place at the right time to notice the job opportunity and do all we can to insure a successful first day and beyond.

However, fate can work against our desires, making it possible for us to miss certain opportunities. For instance, as stated above, you got a new job and have done your part to start on the assigned date. However, overnight a smoke detector battery in the house ran low and started beeping every few minutes, causing you to toss and turn until finally at 3:30AM you get up to replace the battery, tired and annoyed. Then later that morning you discover your cell phone suddenly died overnight, and the alarm never went off. You eventually wake up with just minutes to spare and no time to deal with that. You were rushing to eat your breakfast while driving in the car where you spilled coffee on your new outfit because you had to slam on your breaks due to a car accident ahead on the road that caused you to get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. You ended up arriving over an hour late, unable to call the boss because your phone was dead, and already frustrated with a coffee stained top. In short, regardless of our intentions to do something, fate can intervene and force our plans to alter.

Free Will Steps In
When it comes to predictions of future behaviors, keep in mind behaviors are always subject to change due to Free Will and the ability to change our perception.  When a psychic tells you a person is interested in you today and yet a month from now they stop being interested, it does not mean the reading was wrong. It means the person changed their perception and interests.

Remember, none of us like the same things forever nor retain the same level of emotional intensity.  Which is precisely why folks outgrow relationships. If we all retained our emotional interest forever; no one would ever break up. Therefore, the next time a psychic advisor tells you someone likes you in the present moment, it does not mean that person will hold their interest for you indefinitely forever.

It's All Connected
As with the example above about the first day of a new job, you may think you are destined to one future, but once fate steps in all bets are off and you deal with the hand you are dealt. Free will allows you to help determine the next course of action. Do you tell your new boss with a smile how you did everything right the night before to get ready for the first day and it all worked against you? He or she understands and you both have a good laugh over lunch and the second day goes much, much better (starting with buying a new cell phone.)  Or do you decide that this was the universe stepping in to tell you perhaps this isn’t the right job for you after all. Maybe you need to keep searching for a new opportunity because something better is waiting for you. So rather than get off on a bad foot (you know what they say about first impressions), you don’t even show up at all and continue the job hunt? 

Destiny, Fate and Free Will are all intertwined and a reading with a Psychic Advisor can help shed light on current and future situations with the best information available at the present time.  So, give us a call or chat today! 

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