Psychic Moira Gets a Reading With Psychic Sammie

Date 5/22/2013

Have you had a reading with Sammie yet?

Have you had a reading with Sammie yet?

I had a fun and energizing reading with Sammie, and I want to enthusiastically recommend this smart, empathic, and clear psychic. Sammie engaged in the reading with a very positive energy and natural connection.  She explained to me that she uses the Tarot (which I personally love – but do not use in my own readings).  Sammie was very quick; this was not the old fashioned Tarot reading of my mother’s generation!  

Psychic Sammie has been with Psychic Source for just under two years. She specializes in love and relationships, as well as finance and family matters, so I asked her an important question about my life and certain events in the future.  I was absolutely amazed at how clear and sharp she was with my travel and location questions. She was encouraging, clear, and empowering. Sammie immediately began to engage. Her intelligence shined through in her reading and I enjoyed her assessments and stream of consciousness speaking style.  

Psychic Sammie is a very clear channel; she describes herself as an empath who uses the Tarot. Her empathic ability is wildly evident in her readings. I was blown away with her ability to “feel” my energy and the vibrations of my family members. Her description of my situation, as well as the family members involved, was spot on. Much of what we discussed pertained to future events, and I left the reading feeling very happy and at ease. Thank you Sammie!
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