Personal Healing and Helping with My Angels by Psychic Danielle

Published Date 5/27/2018
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"I went home that night feeling peace, knowing I was loved by God."

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I wanted to share a brief commentary on topic near and dear to me concerning Angels and Oracles for both help and healing.

For the purposes of this article, I have inserted below the Webster definition of both the words Angel and Oracle to help us get started with a uniform understanding of what we mean.

oracle - n.  A person or thing regarded as an infallible authority or guide on something.

angel  - n.  A spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe: See also guardian angel.

So, are Angels really messengering Oracles sent from our “Higher Power” to intervene and assist and bring healing to the lives of men? I can only draw on my own experiences to validate this as an absolute truism. I will illustrate just a few of my own “healing” and “helping” experiences with my own Angles. Please, read them, and then you decide.

Physical Protection
My first-born daughter was twelve years old and was being raised by me, now a single Mother all alone. She would often have to take a bus to school when I had to be to work too early to drop her off. One day, I returned from work to find my daughter full of verve and eagerness to share her amazing day with me. Mother, she stated, I am only standing here now because of the protection of my Guardian Angels. 

I listened as she told me that she had been waiting for the bus on a street corner with a four-way light. She stepped of the curb to walk toward the bus when a car ran the light and was headed straight for her. It was then that she was literally lifted off the ground and placed back safely on the curb. The witnesses to this event were speechless and some in tears, but it all happened so quickly she said, that there was not time to do anything but observe the phenomenon. 

It was not her time to be killed and her faithful Angels, to whom we daily prayed for protection, had quite literally done their job. Against all our laws of Physics my sweet child had been carried safely back to the curb and away from the oncoming car by unseen hands who still faithfully watch over her. 

Physical Healing
Lying in a hospital in San Luis Obispo California with a ruptured amniotic bag, all fluid lost and a baby only 21 weeks old, I was approached by my Doctor who told me that he was going to Colorado for the weekend and when he returned I would not be there. This was my husbands’ first and only child and an amniocentesis had ruptured the bag and started a miscarriage. The nurses told me to get up and walk the halls, and I might have done this if I hadn’t heard my Angel from my left side behind me encourage me to pray and ask for help. This was a female Angel and she told me God would save my baby if I would ask for help. Of her presence and her instructions, I had no doubt and she stayed with me through my entire hospital stay. The doctors scoffed at my faith, my husband was just observing, but I knew what I had heard and felt. 

I was told my baby girl would be five pounds when we left. I lay in the hospital for two weeks receiving antibiotics, steroids shots and two more weeks of development for my little girl. The doctors were in stunned amazement when I gave birth two weeks after the fact to a one pound 12-ounce baby girl. She was God’s Grace. Grace had four eye surgeries, a heart surgery and several transfusions, but four months later, we came home with a five-pound baby completely off oxygen. Grace Anne is now nearly twenty years old. That dear Angel was an Oracle of the Divine, encouraging me to believe for the healing God had brought through her.

Emotional Help
It was the end of a very long work week for me. During a painful divorce, I developed an eating disorder and I attended meetings for recovery from compulsive food abuse, and this became a sort of support group for me. One evening I was dangerously exhausted and depressed as I dragged my wounded overweight body into a meeting. There was a presence in this room, a very slender elderly refined lady with a black dress, a white crocheted collar, and a severe up do enhancing her beautiful silver hair, porcelain white chiseled features, and her piercing blue eyes. She was a beautiful elderly woman who was totally out of place with her slender gracious body in this room full of recovering overeaters. I had never seen her before, and no one else seemed to take much notice of her. She sat directly next to me and spoke not a word. 

During the meeting’s intermission, everyone left the room to go to the foyer for coffee and fellowship; well, everyone except me and the beautiful elderly silent woman sitting next to me. I was too emotionally and physically drained, and I sat alone with this silent stranger in the meeting room resting my head on the table in front of me. Finally, the silent woman touched my shoulder and spoke: “Are you all right dear?” I was nearly in tears when I looked into her intense blue eyes and said: “No, I don’t think God loves me anymore.” She then took my hand very gently and said: “I’m here to tell you that God loves you more than you will ever imagine, and he wants for you to know that He is with you.” 

She then quietly stood up, and walked out of the room, seemingly unnoticed by the crowd in the foyer. She just vanished. I had never seen her before nor since. I can tell you though, that I went home that night feeling peace, knowing I was loved by God, and knowing that he had sent a messenger to tell me so, and never, even to this day, have I forgotten her beautiful Angelic face and voice.

It was a challenge to narrow down my Angelic experiences to only three, as I have a life time of these; enough to fill volumes. I share these real-life events as evidence that Angels do actively work as Oracles. These are not just superstitions or myths created to assuage our fears on this awesome journey we call life on Earth, but as empirical evidence that we are not alone and that there is a power greater than ourselves that cares about us and conspires for our good, and there does exist a hierarchy of Angels and Oracles established to help us on our journey. 

In closing, may I leave you with a favorite scripture of mine from Hebrews: 13:2 in the Bible, which reads:

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers; for in so doing many have entertained “Angels Unaware.” 
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