Part II: Continue Your Spiritual Practice During the Holidays by Psychic Clare

Published Date 12/17/2012
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Live in relationship with Divine Love

In Part I we discussed how the holidays and spending time with our relatives of different religions can be stressful for ourselves and our children.  The holiday imagery itself can bring up unhealthy thoughts due to negative religious experiences in the past, perhaps going back to our own childhood.  

Sometimes well-intentioned relatives will use the holiday as an excuse to challenge your own religious beliefs or even to indoctrinate your children.  This can create existential angst and/or result in arguments.  The question is, what to do about it?!  

First, we can replace our negative thought patterns with direct experience of the Divine.  Throw out the dogma and do your yoga!  (See my article, Why Psychic Clare Recommends Yoga .  Regardless of your particular religion, or lack thereof, as my teacher Mark Whitwell says, “Yoga is your direct participation in Source Reality.”  When we breathe we are participating in That which is breathing us.  If you are religious, the breath is the Holy Spirit filling you.  Even if you are not religious, breath is life, after all.

Every one of us can experience in our own way that intimate connection, that re-linking with the Divine Love which manifested the universe and called it “good,” the Love that took form as Avatar, the Babe in the manger.  That same Love lives in our heart, expressing as you and me and in our relationships with other people.  Whatever language you use for It, allow yourself to be embraced by that Love, moved, animated, sustained by It.  Even though it can be difficult to find the time amidst all the holiday social events and festivities, continue your consistent daily spiritual practice of yoga and prayer/meditation, at least for a few minutes each morning.  When you live in that relationship of Love, your children will feel it, and so will other people. 

Compassion quells arguments.  Bad theology will naturally be repelled like dirty bathwater off a duck’s back.  And then we need not throw out the Babe with the bathwater.  Merry Christmas.

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