Parallel Realities - Exploring A Multiverse of Different Universes

Date 2/15/2023
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Another reality might exist right alongside our own.

Another reality might exist right alongside our own.

The idea of parallel realities, or a multiverse of different universes coexisting with one another, is extremely alluring. Remember that time you wanted to ask for the stranger's phone number and didn't? How about the day you tripped and fell running to the bus, and earned an unflattering nickname that chased you through middle school? What if that hadn't happened? What if it had all gone differently and you'd lived out your life from a slightly perfected point of existence?

The Science of the Multiverse

Though it may sound like pure fantasy, there is some science that backs up the possibility of a multiverse. In fact, there's a lot of science that runs in myriad different directions offering complicated possibilities, like:

  • According to the rule of probability, other worlds just like ours and nearly identical in circumstances must exist.
  • Our universe and others are expanding faster than we can ever travel, so new universes are constantly in creation but we can never reach them.
  • Every possibility in the quantum wave function exists in some reality that's split off and runs parallel to our own.

Contacting these alternate universes to confirm their existence is problematic on many levels. For one thing, we can't see further than the 13.8 billion years our universe has been around, so universes beyond that scope are unreachable. For another, these alternate realities may contain substances like antimatter that would instantly annihilate us if we came into contact with them.

The Theory of Parallel Selves

Another, more spiritual, theory about parallel realities is that our spirits exist on multiple planes at once. When the soul enters a human body and hops on this wild ride known as life, it sends only a part of itself into this reality. The remainder lingers in another realm to watch over its earthly counterpart. This means that the guardian angel energy you've sensed might really be you!

The Theory of Spiritual and Physical Realms

If you're most captivated by the idea of a dual existence in the observable physical realm and the more ethereal spiritual or astral realm, you may want to explore the theory of these particular parallel realities. By this line of thinking, our current physical reality is merely a creation of our consciousness. We've collectively manifested this (admittedly imperfect) reality merely as a way of navigating human life. 

Stepping outside the constraints of our earthly bodies and the surrounding survival constructs, we can find a vast spiritual realm that's free from the confines of things like time and space. Astral projection, psychic communication, and lucid dreaming are all ways that we can access that other realm.

For now, it may be impossible to fully grasp or understand how parallel realities work, but both science and spirituality lean toward the strong possibility that this one physical manifestation isn't the only thing that exists. Want to explore the topic further? Try connecting with a psychic to reach beyond this realm and see what else is out there.



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