Overcoming Obstacles to Manifesting Your Dreams in 2019 by Psychic Annabelle

Published Date 1/13/2019
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This year, take charge to manifest what you desire!

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A lot has been said and written about the “Law of Attraction.” Yet many people complain that they tried it and it didn’t work. In large part, the real reason is that deep down there was some idea in their consciousness that these kinds of things cannot occur for them, a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. 

When the love of her life didn’t arrive on her time schedule, “Maryanne” decides she is doomed to become an old maid, stemming from a fear she had heard in childhood that this could be the fate for her. When “Bob” is constantly scrimping and struggling to attract customers to keep his beloved business afloat he is being hampered by a longstanding family belief that you cannot expect to create a viable income on your own, for instance. 

These programs run deep in our subconscious minds. They interfere with our ability to create what we want in life. Since like attracts like, if we do not consciously change our old programs all the Law of Attraction principles in the world DO have difficulty working for us. 

In this New Year of 2019 let us be the real creators of our reality by carefully and methodically practicing new programs.

Be Brave 
Take those negative ideas out of the closet and look at them. Write them down. Don’t be ashamed to admit to yourself you have been running these old tapes for as long as you can remember. Then get to work. Get someone supportive, who loves you, on your side to help you to change your old ideas. Better yet, form an agreement that you will help them to do the same! 

Flip the Script
Now, one by one take the idea that is not working for you and write down its OPPOSITE, in the present tense. For example, if the old idea is that “nobody really likes me so why would they want to come to me and spend their money on my products/services?” Try changing it to “People LOVE me and the products and services I provide! I make a difference and I am VALUABLE!”

Practice and Repeat
Quietly and consistently repeat these positive statements to yourself whenever the doubt arises. Feel the feeling in your heart of having what you desire already in your life. Practice, practice, practice the new thoughts and ideas. When the going gets tough and you stop believing, repeat, repeat, repeat! 

And lastly, be PATIENT
Work at it. Like going to the gym or starting a new meditation routine know that your manifesting, like your body and mind’s well-being, need constant, vigilant attention.
After some time of sticking with it, your desires absolutely will manifest. Because YOU have taken charge and YOU have honed your skills by eliminating the ideas you have been fighting with. You WON.

You got this. :-)

Happy New Year. 

Love and blessings, 

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