Overcome Your Tarot Fears by Psychic Santos

Published Date 4/14/2013
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

While the devil and tower cards usually carry negative connotations, the right deck can turn it all around.

Getting a tarot reading can be scary, especially with the devil and tower cards. You ask yourself, “What if one of these negative cards comes up for me?" Or even worse, "What if both cards show up in my reading?” The fear associated with these cards can bring heavy feelings of anxiety to you if you don’t interpret the meanings right.

The deck I use, Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue, brings a fresh approach and new feelings to these two scary cards. She opens the realm of the angels to help you overcome these obstacles.

In the Angel Tarot deck, the devil is called the ego. Ego can be defined as a negative or positive card depending on your current emotions. Your ego can get in the way of receiving something positive, so sometimes we surround ourselves with negative or fear based thoughts. This can cause us to fall into the wrong path of lying to people, or worse, lying to ourselves. This can also cause someone to become addicted to a bad habit which affects us spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

The angel associated with this card is Archangel Jophiel. We call on her to aid us with these negative thoughts or addictions which the ego (devil) creates. She can clear the path by shedding light when you continuously pray, “This is my life and I have control.” When you shift your thoughts and energy, so does the environment you live in.

The tower in the Angel Tarot cards represents life experience. A life experience can be defined as a negative or positive card as well, depending on your situation. In most cases, this card is portrayed as a building being destroyed by a catastrophic event. However, this deck shows an angel illuminated by a sunrise. This represents the notion that the sun is coming out and your darkness is now finished. You are a champion, and this significant life change (whether you think of it as negative or positive) has happened for a reason; the change is for your greatest well-being.

Now you can call Archangel Chamuel to help you in your endeavors. She provides you with encouragement and motivation. It’s time to spread your wings—but you can only do it when you’re ready.

Combining the angels in the tarot cards has taken the fears out of a tarot reading. When you’re ready to approach the tarot to answer your burning questions, you will do the reading with great optimism. Whether there is a challenge or a blessing, you know the archangels will help you in any way because they’re lovely spiritual beings created by God.

I would recommend that you receive an angel tarot card reading every so often so you know which archangel to call upon, because they are always changing.
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