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On Mystics and Mysticism by Psychic Rowan

Date 4/14/2023
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Just what is a mystic?

Just what is a mystic?

There is an exoteric or surface way to walk in the world. This is the way of the familiar signposts, neatly kept walkways and sidewalks. The esoteric way is a path that often leaves the familiar behind; it is the hidden path that examines the unknown or mysterious. The mystic is an individual who has left the well-worn path, having chosen to hack through many weeds of misdirection (common in the occult world, to protect ancient knowledge from being discovered) and the brambles of different perspectives, some of which directly contradict information from contemporaries.

What is a Mystic?

Let us take a moment to examine the word Mystic. It is in the top 2% of online searches via the Miriam-Webster dictionary. It is fairly easy to spell, so why would the word be searched this much when it is not complicated and in the very expression of it, mystery is conveyed? Perhaps because it is a term that can be difficult to define without context. It begins with the letter M - the only letter in the alphabet that is pronounced with the lips pressed together, which is also the way we indicate secret or limited access information, such as Roger Moore’s famous Bond line “Mum’s the word” and many other examples you can find in history and modern media. A mystic is almost always psychic but not all psychics are mystics. To be mystical sounds romantic and whimsical, and it can be, but is in large part about study. A mystic is a respecter of and often a practitioner of the hidden, also known as the occult.

The mystic can also choose a stationary perspective, via the path of meditation; first going deep within and, having faced the Self, can then travel through the astral to investigate the spheres of the heavens or the depths of the abyss to uncover the mysteries. The genuine modern mystic is a rare being in a world of instant gratification, internet searches and self-help gurus. The mystic studies to gain a foundation for the knowledge that may be ultimately vetted through the self, must nonetheless travel through the subjects and sciences of esoterica to obtain a framework with which to understand the mysteries. The mystic has a drive to serve the truth via knowing all that has been uncovered thus far. To discover where they may serve, they must discover new depths and new heights within in order to bring the gnosis to others in a sound and rational manner. Therefore, the modern mystic stands on the shoulders of giants who have gone before.

Mystical people do not only concern themselves with scholarly efforts, but also investigate practical paths to knowledge, such as hands on alchemy, geomancy, numerology, astrology and many other disciplines. What defines the mystic is as indefinable as the word itself. The more one strips away context, and supporting information, the more one is left with a simple yet incredibly complex term that is used by many but truly describes only a handful.

Modern Mysticism

Finding a true mystic to study with, be inspired by or mentored through can be a challenge, but with the internet we can access previously hidden information and find that great teacher we seek. Personally, I’ve been inspired by esoteric scholars and practitioners of the past such as Rudolf Steiner, Madame H.P. Blavatsky and Walter Russell. These were contemporaries who did not agree on many things, but where they do overlap, we find rich comparisons and ways to ponder the information that may reveal yet a deeper layer of understanding.

A Few Modern Mystics of Influence

There are several modern mystics I have great respect for such as the great thinker and philosopher of our time, Michael Tsarion who is the founder of the Taroscopes mystery school. The beautiful and eloquent Gigi Young is a wonderful scholar and teacher and shares her wisdom and knowledge freely for those who seek to understand the mysteries, based upon the works of those who went before. Her style is very thorough, and she presents complex topics in ways that can be relatively easily absorbed by the student. The granddaughter of president Dwight D. Eisenhower, Laura Eisenhower is another modern mystic who shares her knowledge with the world through books and podcasts. Magenta Pixie is an English psychic medium who is well known for channeling the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine.

The mystic views life on many planes through various lenses, whether they may be channeling, divination or other clairvoyant means. They seek to unpack the elements that lead to deeper comprehension of the inner and outer worlds. One thing they all appear to have in common is a thirst for truth of being, and the knowledge or gnosis that leads to it. The path of the mystic is not easy, for it often leads into the overgrown brush of long forgotten truths which must first be cleared and made ready for those who inevitably will follow.

The Greatest Teacher of All

The greatest teacher of all is within each of us, but the mystics of today and of the past can be very helpful in terms of foundation. When you choose a teacher, keep in mind that you are the ultimate filter for discerning truth for yourself. Teachers are there to guide us, but at some point, we may desire to leave the path they’ve cleared and hack through the undergrowth on our own. At that point we will need to draw on the wisdom of those who went before, so that we may safely traverse the mysteries. Much like an experienced game warden once had a teacher to show the way to navigate the wild as safely as possible, the mystic provides tools for the student that are designed to keep the student safe and sane as they wonder and wander through the known and unknown aspects of the Universe.

All sacred knowledge is grounded in metaphysical principles. In addition to everything above, the understanding of Sacred Text and Mysticism reveals to us what is hiding in plain sight as explored further by Psychic Advisor Sapphire. 

May you always safely travel the wonders and mysteries,

Brightest Blessings,



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Rowan has over 30 years of experience in study of the hermetic sciences. She is a professional intuitive, certified hypnotherapist, ordained minister and energy worker. She specializes in walking others through their darkness, sharing her candle's flame.


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