Numerology's Master Numbers May Be Forecasting Great Things For You

Published Date 12/30/2013
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Numerology's Master Numbers May Be Forecasting Great Things For You

There's an old saying about some things in life being both a blessing and a curse. That may have you scratching your head - how can something be both? To get some inkling of how this works,  understanding the numbers 11, 22 and 33 in numerology may be helpful.

These three numerals are called the Master Numbers, and when they appear in someone's numerology chart, they hold special significance. Some numerology experts refer to them as "difficult little blessings" to acknowledge the duality of their good and bad attributes. But taken together, they're also considered a trio of enlightenment. That has more to do with their importance as they relate to one another than it does to them individually.

Number 11:
This number is considered the most intuitive of all numbers because it connects to your subconscious. To be of any help to you, however, its power has to be connected to a specific goal, whether that's a career project or a concern related to your love life. By tapping into the message that 11 holds for you in psychic readings, you must listen to your inner voice as it tries to guide you to make the most of your personal and spiritual power.

Number 22:
 Often called the Master Builder because it's the most powerful of all numbers, 22 is the pragmatic doer of the triad, which helps turn dreams into reality. There's great potential for success when the numeral 22 comes up in readings because it draws upon your intuition as well as your confidence and down-to-earth leadership abilities. The problem is that it also puts a lot of pressure on people to "perform," so the advice from live psychics is often to relax and let your opportunities unfold.

Number 33:
Nicknamed the Master Teacher, 33 brings together the attributes of 11 and 22, allowing you to work on projects that go beyond practicality and reach heights that you may have thought were unlikely. The areas of your life in which the number 33 has great influence are your life's path, personal expression, personality and what your heart truly desires.

These three Master Numbers have powerful meaning and indicate that anything worth having is going to take work. There may be obstacles and difficulties ahead, but with the power of 11, 22 and 33 on your side and some patience on your part, you can achieve great things.


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