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Published Date 4/20/2013
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It's amazing what a few numbers can tell about a person!

Numbers have always fascinated me. They just fit together so nicely and as long as you understand the rules you are always assured of knowing the answers. Wouldn't it be nice if life was like that?

Well with numerology, it can be! I love astrology, but to get truly accurate answers you have to know your full natal chart which includes date and time of birth, as well as location. It can involve complicated figures (while I love numbers, math stresses me out a little bit!) and you have to know exactly where all of the planets are at specific times. With numerology, all you need to know is your full name and your date of birth, and you can get all of the same answers as with astrology. As long as you can do simple addition!

The most important number is your life path number. You find this by simply adding all the numbers in your birth date together until you get a one digit number.

For example, if your birth date is August 28, 1976, you would do:
8 (for August) + 2 + 8 (for the day) + 1 + 9 + 7 + 6 (for the year) = 41

Add these together:
4 + 1 = 5

So a person born on August 28, 1976 would have a personal life path number of 5.

Each number corresponds to different traits, tendencies and attitudes:

1’s are leaders
2’s mediator’s
3’s communicators
4’s teachers
5’s adventurers
6’s nurturers
7’s faith finders
8’s executives
9’s up-lifters

These are obviously simple words that can define a great number of characteristics. But the life path number is the defining number and can direct you to your purpose for being here in this life.

Other numbers—like the attitude number, birth number, soul number and the power name number—add information; not only your purpose, but how you interact with others and who you are most compatible with.

Numerology is a fascinating subject and one that I use both to help people that I work with and for myself. If you would like to see how your numbers affect you and those around you, I would love to speak with you! I look forward to speaking with you and discussing your personal numbers.


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