New Views on the Age-Old Subject of Self-Love by Psychic Mackenzie

Published Date 3/5/2018
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"Learning to love oneself is one of the biggest tools we're given for success."

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We often talk about love at Psychic Source, but it’s usually centered around loving others, from a significant other, to family and close friends.  But what about loving yourself?  Everyone needs self-love and there are several unique ways to obtain a totally, fulfilling, ultimate self-love. 

Can you believe it? Thinking of yourself as the one and only true love? If we have mates, taking them out of the mix and loving ourselves like we are crazy in love with them? How cool, right?  It's true, the ones who love others the most and put themselves second or last are usually the ones that have less self-love. The point here is that if you're able to love others, then you can love yourself, right?

Empower Yourself with Good Associations
For those who are the most non-judgmental, you may find it harder to push away those who are truly bad associations. You are always a helper, someone who takes others into your home, or a provider of funds when a friend or family member is down. Remember, that no matter how nice it feels, some of the ones we help and who we allow to be in our inner circle are not the best associations. 

Bad Associations Spoil Useful Habits
Empowering yourself with the best of friends allows you to care for yourself better and on a whole new level. For example, there's a difference between a kind spirit and an enabler to those who need our help. Making a bad choice can leave us feeling used or hurt by others. The result can be the feeling of being stupid or not understanding how you can be so smart but make even one bad choice and can damage our self-love. Removing certain associations is often the hardest thing to do for a soft heart, but is a powerful tool in raising energy. Once these negative elements are out of your midst, life will become overflowing with good feelings, peace and happiness.

Train Your Mind to Perceive Yourself as You Truly Are
It's all about perception… It's true, how we view ourselves is one of the most empowering mind tools we have in this life. Hence the reason for off-putting the haters and keeping negativity out of our life so that we don't get warped perceptions drilled endlessly into our thoughts or develop false self-perceptions which could potentially damage our self-love. Even those who profess to care for themselves may still have doubt at times when others perceive them in ways they've never considered. Training your mind to remember who you really are will keep you from having the fight other’s opinions, in fact, the less we say will often ward off any future conversation. Not responding is a great way to train yourself to not add fuel to the fire to anyone who perceives you in a way you dislike. 

Learn to Love… Yourself!
It's obvious to most that the ones who truly have a love for oneself are more successful in all things including love, career, and life in general. Learning to love oneself is one of the biggest tools we're given for success. But loving yourself doesn't always come naturally. For most, it's true that experiences in life have paved the way to doubt versus being empowered with self-love. Yet, we all have consequences for every action down to the food we eat to how we think and especially for WHAT we think. 

For those who think they love themselves fully there are always things we can do to grow right? However, there may still be something needing cared for that would grow more self-love. Making it an everyday effort to do things for others or growing our karmic debt is a genuine way to grow self-love in even the most loving.

The Forgiving Self – A Tool to Self-Love 
For most of us, it's easy to forgive others that show true remorse. We know the importance of genuine forgiveness and quieting the mind to let things go. Forgiveness is always up for discussion, therefore finding ways to forgive ourselves as we would others will also grow more love for self.

Is it a vicious circle, right? Loving others, loving ourselves, growing more good karma, giving back and paying it forward? Isn't it a wonderful thing how love truly makes the world go around?

If you're having issues with self-love, forgiving someone or just in general needing guidance that will benefit you in life, then connect with a spiritual advisor today, who will be happy to give you new insights to other age-old subjects. 

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