My psychic convinced me to pursue my bucket list goal of becoming a teacher

Published Date 9/23/2012
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My psychic convinced me to pursue my bucket list goal of becoming a teacher

In the past, I haven't been very forward about attempting to reach my goals. While some people have extensive bucket lists, mine only consists of a few key things, one of which is to attend college and earn a degree.

I've always had an interest in teaching, but I've never felt like I have the time to dedicate to going to school and getting a higher education. At a loss, I recently turned to my psychic for advice on what I should do about my goal. I know I want to teach at some point, but is now really the right time to pursue my dream?

During my online psychic reading, I discovered from my psychic that I'm more than ready to cross this one off of my bucket list. She suggested that I enroll in my local community college to ensure that I have no trouble maintaining a work-life balance. As a mother of three, it's important to me that I have time to spend with my kids at the end of the day, even as I earn a degree.

My psychic told me that once I begin a teaching degree program, I'll truly discover how passionate I am about helping other people. With my education, she predicted that I'll be able to assist dozens of students en route to enrolling in their own college programs.

Once I finish school, my psychic told me that she sees me working with a group of first graders in a nearby town. I never would've pictured myself teaching children who are younger than my own, but she said that my guidance and tendency to nurture will benefit my class.

In the end, my reading concluded with the prediction that my ability to provide for my family will also improve. This comes as a relief to me, as I struggle to pay the bills from time to time. While I wasn't previously confident in my goal to eventually become a teacher, my chat with my psychic helped me realize my potential. Now I know that I won't have any trouble achieving my dreams, whether I pursue them tomorrow or later down the line.
Suzie is a guest blogger for Psychic Source. She's a 45-year-old mother of three children who enjoys yoga, painting and taking walks with her dog.

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