My New Year's Resolutions by Psychic Pixie

Published Date 1/1/2013
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My New Year plan includes working out

I know I intend to change a few things in my life for the new year. I set a new plan each year and it seems to hold for a couple of weeks into the year, then it's back to the old habits or routines that I intended to change. This reality is that even though the year is new, our lives are still the same. After sitting down the other day and thinking about what I thought would be a good resolution plan, I realized how most of my attempts in the past did not happen the way I planned. This made me feel like I have failed. I now realize I had set my goals too high and when I realized I could not reach them I gave up.

One of the resolutions that I have each and every year is to take off the extra pounds that I have been struggling with for awhile. I am now realizing my goal to take off these pounds was easier said than done. I look back and realize I made it a long-term goal over 12 months. I did not set short term goals to keep me in check. This year I am going to try something new. I am going to set 12 mini goals (one for each month) and chart my goals and my results. I am going to set my first goal at 2 pounds of weight loss each month. I will weigh in once each week, keep a food diary, and plan a weekly exercise routine. I will be keeping my goals reachable and if I exceed my goal that will boost my desire to stick with it. At the end of the 12 months I can look back and see my results.

I realize losing weight is a struggle for me because there are too many obstacles. I am a social person so of course I get invited to luncheons and parties. It is really hard to stay on task when all of the foods I love are there for me to sample. My remedy to this is to eat a little something before I go. I may even offer to take a relish tray that would consist of fresh fruits and veggies. I realize this will be the hardest part of sticking to my diet. I know if I end up having more than a sliver of the cake or a large helping of a more fattening food I will have to work a little harder over the next few days. I can even prepare for the occasion by banking for it. I can cut back on my calories a few days in advance and pump up on my exercise. I will not look at it as something I have failed at, but something I desire to change.

I know that exercising can be boring at times. I have planned to do it a little differently this time. I have volunteered to walk the dogs at our local animal shelter. I will walk the dogs 2 hours each week. I will be getting exercise and enjoying the company at the same time. I will also join in walk-a-thons and earn money towards a charitable cause. I will feel so good about myself as well. By keeping positive I will be opening myself up for more positive energy to come in.

This is an example of just one of my resolutions and how I will reach my goal. I know this will work for me. Remember, set mini goals and keep a diary of your progress no matter what your resolution is. As each month goes by you will feel better about reaching your goals.  
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