My Home Away from Heaven by Psychic Medium Ricky

Date 6/9/2020
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"That white dot is an orb... it followed me from the chapel cemetery back to the manor. This place is FULL of spirits, one of the most wonderfully "haunted" places I've known."

"That white dot is an orb... it followed me from the chapel cemetery back to the manor. This place is FULL of spirits, one of the most wonderfully "haunted" places I've known."

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I believe that each of us are all eternal beings, Light from Light, and that the origin of our spirit originates from heaven. And just like a car that has to go into the shop for routine maintenance, we need a special, and sometimes sacred place, to heal, grow and nurture our spirit.

For me that place is the Arthur Findlay College, the World’s Foremost College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences, in the United Kingdom. 

Envision a place that has the reputation of Harvard with the magic of Hogwarts… It’s a short drive from London, but a world way, the nearest place to “Heaven on Earth” because at Arthur Findlay, the veil between this world and the next often separates.

A Spiritual Tune-Up
Though I’m genetically predispositioned to demonstrate psychic and mediumistic abilities, and through decades of practice and study have built upon this spiritual endowment, I was blessed to discover a place to refine these skills with fellow workers on this path, guided by the very best tutors that have given absolute proof of the love of the spirit world, and our divine origin. 

Oh, the Things I’ve Seen
I’ve witnessed things, not just within the walls of the Victorian manor house, but even strolling along the grounds that are simply amazing.  There are orbs that float and follow one in broad day light in the gardens and even expand and dance when you sing. (See photo above.)  I have witnessed a wonderful medium, with her eyes closed, a pencil in both hands, draw a portrait of a woman’s grandfather, while another medium linked with her and delivered evidential messages from the man.

We have healers in heaven, too. They also visit the college to bless us with their energies.

A Second Chance at Life
My husband almost died a few years ago from a massive stroke. We spent over a month in the hospital and rehab, then from wheelchair, walker to cane. He came with me last year to the college and took a class.

One evening, after a long day of workshops, (the tutors are indeed tough, the standards there are very high,) we were at the school’s bar, complete with a dance floor, and I went up to the room for a minute, and when I returned, lo and behold, there was my spouse dancing for the first time in four years. I was more stunned at that then anything else I’d seen. Ghosts, spirits and angels, as amazing as those are, I’ve seen them in our house and garden, but I never thought I’d see my husband dance again in this life.

It Runs in the Family
This year, the college will become even more special on a very personal level. I’m returning to Arthur Findlay soon and privileged to spend a course there with my sister Raquel x9488. Though we are siblings, our family circumstances did not afford us the opportunity to grow up together. I predict that Arthur Findlay College will become our family home, and that our beautiful mother, who now shines from the Spirit World, will spend time with us there.

I’ll let you know what happens...

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Sundancegirl: Wishing you and Raquel a beautiful and uplifting retreat. Thank you for sharing your rare and wonderful talents with us. You are so loved and appreciated by many. Thank you for always being there for me. Light, love and safe travels my sweet friend!

Bernard: Looking forward to reading as well as hearing about your experience there with Raquel! I am so grateful to have both of you to guide me through my journey in the past several months... I am in the process of healing regardless of the outcome, so I really hope that you and Raquel will enjoy "Heaven on Earth" as you really deserve it! Take care and talk to you soon Ricky.

Athena: Ricky, my brother in spirit and true friend for life! I am soo happy that you have found such an amazing place that replenishes and nurtures not only your soul and spirit but your family time as well! I hope someday to visit this magical place as well and experience the many blessings and restoration it provides... God Bless and can't wait to hear more and talk with you when you return, hopefully with some amazing news of my own! All my love, Athena

Lovingheart: Thank you for sharing your experience on how you have developed your gift! I'm so grateful to have found Ricky on Psychich Source he is one of the best!

rhsmith: This was awesome Ricky! I hope you have a blast! Talk soon my friend!

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